Destiny 2: You should not miss this hidden Halloween quest 2

Destiny 2: You should not miss this hidden Halloween quest

The Festival of the Lost has brought a little hidden quest into the game on Destiny 2 – with no major rewards. Why the view can still be valuable.

What about the search? In Destiny 2, the Halloween Event Festival of the Lost is currently in full swing. Guardians of the Memory of the Dead, collecting cardboard masks, rushing into the event with Spookforst activity and bragging about neon glowing armor.

But apart from the obvious startup task that gets you into the Destiny 2 Halloween Destiny Festival, Destiny 2 has also brought a sort of mini-quest to play with the Lost Festival. However, it is easy to miss, which is why many security guards do not know about it.

It is not an exhaustive pursuit and there is no real reward for your effort other than the triumph of the event. But it can still be worth it – especially if you have background information on the world and characters of the Destiny Universe on every piece.

Destiny 2: You should not miss this hidden Halloween quest 3

How does the quest task work? The quest basically describes the hunt for a triumph specific to the "Great Smile" event. It's time to brush your guardian's teeth and refresh his breath. You will travel through the solar system to find Destiny 2's most important NPCs, mastering a number of smaller tasks – nothing really complicated.

But the quest is easy to miss and it's far from obvious how to get started. The first guards may have accidentally encountered him. As you begin your journey through the solar system in the hunt for a toothbrush, some requirements must be met:

  • You must successfully complete the Spukforst event activity at least once.
  • If you visit Eris Morn on the moon, you must wear a masked helmet with a ball, including a mask.
fate 2 eris morn

Lastly is a toothbrush with which your caretaker gets a bright smile. You will learn how to begin your quest and what exactly to do here: Aerial smile: This is how you brush your teeth in Destiny 2 because of this triumph

What makes the quest so special? What does a mini-quest with simple tasks, lots of travel and no real reward worth seeing now mean? Quite simply, it offers unfamiliar, sometimes deep and moving, insights into the thoughts of some NPCs you visit as part of your journey.

Attention, some spoilers ahead!


Although none of the characters speak to you except Eris – there are no voice lines. But in the form of text, the hidden things about many characters are learned so far. For example, Devrim Kay talks about her husband, who writes letters to him. Petra talks about awakened people who don't really celebrate this festival, but it's still great to be there.

And lastly, even the otherwise very reserved Eris speaks curiously openly. For example, they learn that they are sorry about how they behaved in relation to the festival. However, she felt hurt and the honor of her dead squad was wounded when death was celebrated with sweets and silly masks. But over time, she realized that the best way to pay homage to the dead was to live as well as you can. He now understands why people celebrate.

It's a memorable moment when it becomes clear that this character has evolved significantly – which is unfortunately rare enough in the world of Destiny. That alone should be worth the effort for anyone who likes to deepen their knowledge of the world of Destiny 2.

What do you think of this mini quest? Do you have them already? Did you like the insights? Or are you letting such small side tasks get you absolutely cold? By the way, the Iron Banner is coming back today:

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