Diet "Nutrition": Weight loss before cooking 2

Diet "Nutrition": Weight loss before cooking

"Meal Prep," this abbreviation stands for "Meal Preparation" – in German: Prepare Food – and it's an online hit. What our grandmothers and some competitive athletes have done for years has become a trend for everyone thanks to a good sounding name.

Below the hashtag #mealprep you can find millions of photos on social networks that show beautifully draped food in cans – above all by fitness gurus, but also by hobby athletes and foodies.

This is what Nutrition prepares

It’s about preparation and eating healthy. Instead of cooking daily, prepare a few meals for the next few days. Just go shopping, cook, chop vegetables, rinse and so on. Then fill the food with canned or bottled meals, and you can go with healthy, cooked foods.

The idea behind it: you know what you eat, don't resort to fast food in case of stress, lack of time or craving, saving time – and often money.

Can I lose weight?

It depends on what's in the can. Whoever is rich in calories does not decrease. What the photos on social media mostly show: dishes with vegetables, meat, protein and good carbs – sweet potatoes and legumes. These ingredients have a better chance of helping with weight loss.

Whether you want to "just" eat healthy or lose weight, but you should be sure that all the content is homemade. Who knows what he loves and needs can be prepared to prepare the meal. And if necessary, pay attention to allergies, intolerances and also taste.

Do I have to eat the same thing for a week?

Anyone who wants to lose weight with "Meal Meal" should pay attention to diversity. Even with a diet, you should provide the body with enough nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates: these are the building materials our body needs.

They should pay attention to meal preparation

► Never on a diet completely abstain from carbohydrates. There should be so much stuck in every prepared food box: vegetables, proteins, good carbohydrates (without white flour) and vegetable fats.

Tips for preparing and warming up

• When you cook something, cool it as quickly as possible and do not leave the pot on the stove. Just let it cool so it simmers and then go directly to the refrigerator at 5 degrees.

Blanch the vegetables by boiling them briefly in boiling water. Then peel it directly in ice water. This directly stops the cooking process and maximizes the vitamins. Alternative: Cook the vegetables in a pot of low water.

• Do not preserve raw fish, only cooked or smoked.

Freeze only soups or soups. in complete dishes There are different thawing times for fish, meat and vegetables.

• Always cook melted food. Just heat the chilled food.