ELIXR from "The Lion's Cave" wants everyone! 2

ELIXR from "The Lion's Cave" wants everyone!

Take a tablespoon of oil in the mouth and pull for five minutes through the teeth and entire oral cavity. What seems more suspicious than usual to us is Ayurveda's practice of Indian healing and health science for thousands of years. The human body must be detoxified by it and Turn on self-treatmentHmm. All the things we would like to start to make us feel better everywhere. But how can one make this deterrent treatment more captivating?

Traction Oil: Jenny and Phillip revitalize detox

"Oil has the great property of binding bacteria in the mouth"says Philipp Rathgeber. By spitting out the bacteria the body must be abducted again. Jenny's wife adds: "Pulling oil is a Ayurveda beauty ritual that has been tried and tested for thousands of years and you say it all about the most important things."

The ritual of pulling oil has to do that immune system strenghening ofTo avoid caries and for holistic beauty care, for example teeth whiten that too Give the hair shineBut most people are discouraged by the sense of swirling oil in their mouths. So far!

The founders create their own oils with essential oils

Coconut oil can be placed in the kitchen cupboard. Because Jenny and Phillip have their own brand "ELIXR" the oils themselves startedfar from being a deterrent. Currently, the founding couple has the three varieties "energy","harmony"And"purity"In the luggage. They want to interpret the dusty beauty ritual.

All the benefits of exporting oil at a glance:

  • Toxins and pollutants are transported out of the body
  • Bacteria are removed from the oral cavity and gums
  • Oral health improves
  • Psoriasis decreases
  • Tooth decay and bleeding gums are combated
  • The effect on the lymph gland system ensures that the whole body flushes out the toxins