Get Rid Of The White Walls Of Site 02 -Fake Therapy 2

Get Rid Of The White Walls Of Site 02 -Fake Therapy

Site 02

-MAKE THERAPY (but it really works) –

note – this is not an orgy.

Featuring ::
Fritz Donnelly
Ratina Ewald
Josh Atlas
and a gallon therapist!

Tonight, spill your gut on an unskilled, non-professional, chosen by lot!

The first part of the night will consist of four therapeutic angles:
1. Dr. Freud's sofa,
2. Carl Jung's archetypal sanctuary,
3. the New Age Kingdom,
4 The "Body Method" to be created and created at HiChristina.
Stick to one or COLLECT ALL FOUR! You will be led in small group sessions by four professionals experienced in their methods.

The second part of the night will be a 30 minute movie adaptation featuring the great analysts of our time: Freud, Jung and Yoko Ono, Buckminister Fuller.

The last part of the night is when you can put all your new knowledge to work on friends and strangers! There are no sentences in HiChristina (and 324 Patton remote location), no moralizing; Just praise and reasonable recommendations for you and you are a new exciting life. Pair with a stranger and as always the short straws stick together!

What actually happened during the evening was the "Hug Therapy" session and a great pillow therapy session and then the "Philosophers" in battle dance! Thanks to all who came !!!