Health Survey: 3,000 letters sent to citizens 2

Health Survey: 3,000 letters sent to citizens

Eisleben / Hettstedt / Sangerhausen

If you receive mail from the Office for Equal Opportunity Coordination these days, there is good reason for that.

The Mansfeld-Südharz district and the State Association for Health Saxony-Anhalt are working together to find ways to improve human health.

Selected at random

3,000 citizens were randomly selected, according to department head Mandy Weber of the Magdeburg Coordination Office.

The research, however, is being conducted by the Martin Luther University Social Research Center, Halle-Wittenberg.

Participating in the survey is voluntary, Weber says. The data would be treated confidentially and under the General Data Protection Regulation. A franked return envelope already exists to return the questionnaire.

Questions revolve around the topic of health – from health to well-being or physical activity to personal life and work environments.

Sharing experiences

The Mansfeld-Südharz district has announced that it will publish the survey results. Based on the answers, it is possible to further develop health promotion and prevention in Mansfeld-Südharz, Weber says.

The goal is for statutory health insurance companies and their partners to actively approach people in certain life situations in the future. This would reduce the adverse effects of social disadvantage on human health.

The Coordination Body wishes to support and assist local actors in the implementation of the measures, to network already existing structures and initiatives, and to promote the exchange of experiences.

After the federal and state government's task force had already presented the foundation stones in 2004, the Bundestag passed the Prevention Act in 2015.

In 2016, the state of Saxony-Anhalt signed a provincial framework agreement for the prevention and promotion of health, statutory health and long-term insurance, as well as accidents and pension insurance in the state.

Other partners include the Bureau of Employment, the Union of Cities and Municipalities and the Saxony-Anhalt County Council. (Mz)