How much oil should you use in a chocolate fountain? 2

How much oil should you use in a chocolate fountain?

Chocolate fountains are a fun alternative to coated desserts at a party, cocktail party or other celebration. While it's easy for your guests A chocolate fountain requires some pre-planning and preparation on your part. credit: Tsuguliev / iStock / GettyImages How much oil should you use in a chocolate fountain?

How much oil should you use in a chocolate fountain? 3

You can use any kind of chocolate in your fountain, but there are some differences to note:

Chocolate blanket

  • has between 32 and 39 percent cocoa butter. Pastry chefs use a blanket to dive in or cover fruit and other things. Normal or eaten, chocolate
  • often contains emulsifiers to replace some of the cocoa butter. This reduces both the price and the quality of the chocolate. pieces of chocolate
  • contain stabilizers that allow them to maintain their shape while being baked. If you use high quality chocolate clover in your fountain, you do not need to add oil. The high content of cocoa butter allows for a smooth flow. If you are using less expensive chocolates or chocolates, you will need to add 5 kg of chocolate between 1/2 and 1 cup of oil, depending on the brand and the atmospheric conditions.

Humidity and temperature

can affect the viscosity of molten chocolate. The oil tarnishes the chocolate and makes it flow more fluidly through the well. If the room is cold or humid, you will need to use more oil than on a warm, dry day. Use one

Neutral vegetable oil, such as donkey oil or rapeseed oil in your fountain. Its purpose is to change the viscosity and not the taste of chocolate. Add the smallest amount of oil you need before melting. If the chocolate is still too thick, stir in a small amount of oil until you reach the perfect consistency.

Depending on the size of your meetings, you may want to see more than one fountain. A small unit serves 100 to 150 people, while a large unit can serve up to 800 guests. With two or three units you can have one

Variety of dip sauces The tender. Consider these ideas: Chocolate trio: create three wells with dark, milk and white chocolate

  • Decorating tap with chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauces
  • Sauce such as rugby, queso and barbecue sauce
  • Tips

Be sure to use a smooth strawberry sauce with no fruit pieces to block the tap.