How To Make Bang Millet - 2019 2

How To Make Bang Millet – 2019

Bible readers can identify millet as an ingredient of unleavened bread. Today, millet can be consumed as stuffing or al dente. Millet can also pop in the same way as popcorn in the "good old days". As popcorn now comes in microwave bags, many people are not familiar with this practice. To break the millet, all you need is a frying pan and an open source of heat.

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pour 1 mug of millet into a dry cellar.

Turn your stove to adjust between low and medium settings. If using a gas stove, the fire should be small enough to avoid contact with the pan. For an electric range, allow the burner to warm completely before placing the pan in the burner.

Place the pan in the burner and let it rest for a few minutes. The millet should begin to give a nut-like flavor to a fire.

Start by mixing the millet with the spoon. This ensures that all the grains are evenly heated. At this point, the granules should be brown or golden. Stir for only a few seconds and then leave the millet on the burner.

Watch the millet carefully and begin to emerge after about 5 minutes. After all the granules are gone, remove the pan from the heat.


  • You can also use cooking oil if you make pop pop. When doing this, heat the oil in the pan for a few minutes before adding the millet to the pan. You can use shredded millet to make a variety of dishes. A selection of cream recipes can be found in the next section. You do not need to cover the millet with foil as it is not as high as popcorn.


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