How to say that a death wallet is fake 2

How to say that a death wallet is fake

Tod has a reputation for making high quality handmade wallets. Fake Tods fake bags usually lack this quality. Although it is illegal to sell counterfeit goods in the US, there are still unscrupulous people who do so. Fortunately, if you have purchased a fake Tod's electronic wallet, legal action can help you get your money back. To alert the authorities, you can file a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. There are some notable signs of a real Tod's wallet.

How to say that a death wallet is fake 3

Buying a fake wallet is like throwing away hard earned money.

Step 1

Check the food. The lining should be colored and is usually black or brown. If the food has many colors, it is not authentic.

Step 2

Check the logo. The logo is always centered. If the logo is wrong, it is not authentic. In addition, the logo has a profound impression. If the logo appears to be a flat stamp, it is not authentic.

Step 3

Check the dust bag provided with the death wallet. The bag must be chocolate brown with the signature orange death. Another print shadow indicates that the bag is not authentic.

Step 4

Compare the font size of the font. If the S in the inner zipper footprint is larger than the T, the wallet is fake.

Step 5

Zoom in on the zip. Tod's wallet never uses nylon zipper. The zipper must be made of metal. In addition, the Lampo must be engraved on the back of the zip pull tab.