Likewise brushing your teeth without plastic and contaminants 2

Likewise brushing your teeth without plastic and contaminants

November 6, 2019 – 10:45 am

Put on bamboo brushes in the bathroom – better for the environment and the body

Even the ancient Romans knew that dental care was important. To keep their beam clean and white, it uses a mixture of limestone and marble dust. It worked pretty well, but it was a little rough. According to antiquarians, dental enamel suffered greatly. Today, we are much further along in terms of oral hygiene: there are innumerable toothbrushes and also electrical appliances that reach every corner of our mouth. We can choose a huge amount of toothpaste variants for this. Unfortunately, this huge supply also has drawbacks: most toothbrushes are made of plastic, and many toothpastes contain so-called microplastics. This is not good for the human body or the environment, but there are alternatives.

Sustainable toothbrushes should not be made of animal hair

Let's start with the toothbrush. Commercially available models consist of stem to plastic bristles. When brushing, contaminants can be released from plastic and enter our bodies. Sustainable products made from natural and renewable raw materials are better for the environment and health. Bamboo toothbrushes * are recommended.

The tree grows quickly and is therefore very sustainable. When bristles accumulate, but you should absolutely make sure they are not made of animal hair. These natural bristles cannot be optimally cleaned and bacteria, fungi and viruses play easily on animal hair. Better are nylon bristles, which are made of castor oil. And if a toothbrush has served its time, it can be carelessly tossed on compost or in a bio bin.

However, if you can't or don't want to do without plastic when brushing your teeth, you should consider switching to a replaceable * model. The whole product does not always end up in the trash, but only the brush part. It is then exchanged as needed.

Toothbrush without plastic? No problem

Toothpaste with bamboo toothbrush

Toothpills are an alternative to classic toothpaste that may contain microplastics.

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Gleaming white teeth for a Hollywood smile and fresh breath that lasts for hours. This is what many expect from using their toothpaste. Unfortunately, many products contain ingredients that need to be stored outside your own body. Some of the ingredients found in the tests are even suspected of deteriorating sperm quality in men or triggering premature puberty in girls. In addition, many products contain at least plastic particles, so-called microplastics, that assist in cleaning.

But these particles pollute the environment and are also highly controversial from a health standpoint. In addition, the tubes of the toothpaste cause further plastic waste. Again, there are some pretty complex ways of replacing a toothpaste with a viable one. Try the so-called Toothbrush Pills *. They simply chew in their mouth and then start foaming. Then just put your mouth brush in your mouth and clean as usual.

Natural thread is often covered with beeswax

Dental floss is required for oral hygiene

Lacework is essential for proper dental care – but it should be a real silk thread.

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If you ask your dentist, he or she will tell you that just brushing your teeth is not enough for optimal dental hygiene. The use of dental floss to clean the interdental spaces is essential for thorough purity in the mouth. And you don't necessarily need to use plastic products here. It works without plastic. Access the right silk wand *. It is often covered with natural beeswax.

Here are tips for treating floss: Please dispose of the thin thread after use never in the toilet. Plastic products in particular do not decompose and often create clogged drains. Therefore, always use the thread in the container after use.

Interdental Brush & Co are practical helpers

In addition to dental floss, other "tools" are used in oral hygiene. Particularly interdental brushes help to remove unpleasant food residues with larger gaps in the teeth. No plastic can be used here. There are now similar toothbrushes for interdental bamboo brushes *. And for people who want to clean their teeth as well as the tongue, a tongue scraper is recommended at this time – preferably one made of stainless steel *. The durability is almost unlimited and no stainless steel plasticizer is guaranteed.

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