Men's Makeup: Apply naturally 2

Men's Makeup: Apply naturally

Proper skin care for humans

Before we get to the make-up or concealer of any kind, moisture is the most important basis. Usually, men think that their skin does not need as much attention as women. Men use foam gel as an all-in-one. Same for skin, body and hair. But this is usually not enough. Also, a person needs proper facial care, or he or she quickly complains about oily skin, midriff or redness on the face. We therefore recommend that these care products incorporate the morning routine:

The care program begins immediately after getting up in the morning. The person should be at best one Washing gel or cleansing lotion to be washed. The skin is rejuvenated and the pores are cleansed. Overnight, many dust particles accumulate that would like to become comfortable in our skin. Those who avoid cleaning in the morning will be quickly surprised by pimples.

Then we recommend applying a face cream. Face cream should be your best friend and just as important as breakfast brushing your teeth! The cream ensures the protection of the skin. At the same time, it rejuvenates and improves the skin. Consequently, the skin is not only fed with moisture, but also with important ingredients – which are becoming increasingly important as we age.

Apply the concealer correctly: it works!

Theoretically, the application of Concealer cannot make many mistakes. We recommend applying the concealer with a sponge, brush or nude finger. Apply the concealer very minute to the points you want to cover. A little tip: The concealer should be better pierced. Rubbing makeup can cause long-lasting lipstick and wasted effort. Because the skin in the eye area is particularly thin, we recommend applying the concealer there. The whole can be dusted. Apply only a small amount of powder on your face, et voilá!

Never rub the concealer on the eye area, which may cause wrinkles rather than covering your dark circles.

Why is it good for men?

The concealer brings many benefits, both men and women.

  • Easy to apply
  • long service life
  • Cover for spots, dark circles and redness
  • It gives the skin a new complexion