Muscle Tension Tips You Should Know In Berlin | PRINCE 2

Muscle Tension Tips You Should Know In Berlin | PRINCE

Muscle tension can be painful and make everyday life difficult. Muscle tension is often caused by poor posture, sitting too long in front of a computer, lack of exercise or stress. PRINZ shows you how to quickly relieve muscle tension with simple measures.

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Light sports activities against tense muscles

If muscle tension occurs regularly, you should seek medical advice. Severe pain always requires a visit to a doctor. Mostly tense muscles result from overtraining, postural errors, or overloading certain muscle groups by lifting heavy loads. Sometimes, in addition to tension, there are temporary movement restrictions. In the case of muscle tension, it is important to avoid the need for restraint. To help with muscle tension and movement light sports activities, In athletes who exercise daily, muscle tension occurs relatively frequently. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the training until the muscle tension is reduced. Also, stress can be a trigger for muscle tension, which occurs due to stress, especially in the neck area.
Work overload, too little breaks, problems and worries load the psyche and body, and can also stimulate or increase muscle tension. Usually the neck tension begins with a slight pain, which can be felt with every movement of the head. Neck muscle tension is often noticed by constant pulling between the neck and shoulder blades. Tensions related to stress can be improved by managing time effectively and avoiding stress. Massages help against muscle tension, which promote blood circulation and release muscle tissue.

Relieve muscle tension with massages

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During the massage the pain points are specially treated so that the pain returns in a short time. In addition, massages are experienced as relaxing and stress-relieving. Massages prescribed by a doctor are usually performed by a physical therapist. massage armchairUsing at home can also help relax the muscles and release muscle tension. Commercially available massage chairs are comfortable armchairs that are additionally equipped with massage functions. The advantage of these massage chairs is that, with the help of various massage programs, a similar positive effect is achieved as with professional massage. After activating the massage function, the uncomfortable muscle tension in the sitting or lying position can relax. As a rule, the strength of the massage session itself can be determined. For high quality massage chairs, which are equipped with reverse navigation, heating function and sensor scanning, you can choose between manual or automatic massage. It is advisable to ensure that adjusting the backrest is infinitely possible and the massage chair has leg rests so that the feet can be comfortably stored. Since massage chairs with different functions can be found on the market, it makes sense to compare different models with each other. Experts advise on this topic individually and offer detailed tests and comparisons to allow for an objective assessment. Massage chairs or recliners from renowned European manufacturers can also be found online. Simple models are usually offered on affordable terms. However, these massage chairs usually only create vibrations in the back area. In order to be able to massage various parts of the body, it must be ensured that there is a choice between different massage programs. With quality and well-equipped massage chairs, you can choose between massage methods that are specifically tailored to your back or shoulders.

What massage techniques help tighten muscles?

Ideally, the massage should include all body parts from shoulder to foot. Massage chairs of known manufacturers usually have the ability to adjust the intensity of the massage individually. High quality models make it possible massage techniques such as roller massage, tap massage, knee massage and shiatsu massage.
Shiatsu massage is basically focused on the solution of energy blocks. For massage chairs using sensors, a scan is performed before each application. By using Scanning Technology First, body shape, body weight and height are measured, so that a suitable massage program can be chosen based on needs. Basically, massage chairs are suitable for anyone who wants to relax and do a massage. A functional piece of furniture can also be used as a comfortable TV chair. It is advisable to pay attention to some important criteria for massage chairs. The chair should be made of a material that allows for comfortable lying and seating and can be individually adjusted. A good massage chair should have different functions and allow you to choose from several types of massages. Daily massages help against muscle tension. It also contributes to the relaxing effect of massage stress reduction u. Muscle tension should be treated as soon as possible. A massage chair available at home can save you from leaving a physical therapist. Against muscle tension, applications of heat in the form of radiation by an infrared lamp or hot tub are also useful. In a bathtub, heat can be used at water temperatures between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the heat, the vessels expand and blood circulation is stimulated. This way, the muscles can relax in a warm bath. If you want to relax after a hard day in the tub, you can aromatic bath accessories such as lavender, eucalyptus or rosemary, which have a positive effect on tense muscles.

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