Nikoinsucht: Understand, manage, prevent relapses 2

Nikoinsucht: Understand, manage, prevent relapses

Innsbruck – Quitting smoking costs of overcoming smoking is annoying, but feasible. This is demonstrated in the third year of the Aid BIN addiction program, which Tyrols want to help with this step. Meanwhile, about 450 students, about two-thirds were non-smokers at the end of the course, and three months later, another half. The initiative is supported by the Tiroler Gebietskrankenkasse (TGKK) and Rehamed Tirol.

More than 250,000 men and women here more or less regularly take cigarettes. 1,400 people die each year in Tyrol alone from the effects of smoking, says Christian Haring, medical director of the State Hospital and president of the BIN. "Volume is often grossly underestimated. Smoking is the biggest topic of addiction in society."

For this reason, it was decided in 2017 to launch an offer for nicotine addicts – in addition to existing ones for gambling addicts, drug and alcohol addicts.

Smokers should be helped by group behavioral therapy, explains Sandra Felderer, an academic addiction counselor at BIN. "As a general rule, those who choose the course should be well-off, they should be mentally stable so that the chances of success are appropriately high," the advisor says. "The first step is to look at your own smoking behavior and understand your own motivation to reach for a cigarette. Then it is important to develop coping strategies for non-smoking cigarettes." At the end of the course, measures to prevent relapse will be discussed and trained. Felderer: "Groups should consist of at least six and a maximum of twelve participants. Many find it valuable to see others endure the experience." Offered as needed, but also individualized. Especially in Innsbruck and Unterland, the resonance is great.

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According to BIN President Haring, the program is based on a model already tested in Germany. "We made sure it was certified, not self-made. All our employees are trained to quit smoking."

For TGKK members, the deductible is 30 euros, and whoever finances the entire financial course from their own pocket pays about 220 euros. Rehamed Tirol offers, if desired, a medical escort for smoking cessation. Further information on the BIN smoke-free program is available via email, on the Internet or by phone at 0512/580040. (BFK)