Politics: New government wants closer cooperation 2

Politics: New government wants closer cooperation


On November 6, ORF 2 will air a live session of the newly elected state parliament from 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Vorarlberg.ORF.at is currently alerted by a live meter.

ÖVP and the Greens unveiled their government program for the next five years on Tuesday morning. With the continuation of some previously proven programs, one innovation stands out: prospective cabinet members should work together far more across departmental boundaries than ever before.

"Both (Markus Wallner and Johannes Rauch, note) agreed that Black and Green II cannot simply be a pure continuation of the existing one, but that we can only face great challenges if we try" To do a lot more inter-ministerial than before. " said Wallner.

Markus Wallner and Johannes Rauch with a new work program


Governor Markus Wallner and Greens leader Johannes Rauch

Kids in focus

The program of the work does not begin with any title: "Vorarlberg should become the most promising country for children," Wallner said. To achieve this, ministries must work together. It starts with health and prevention and ranges from quality childcare to the development of full-day schools and greater financial support for families. Green Country spokesman Johannes Rauch wants to establish a new culture of cooperation between ministries.

Location offensive in the country

Other focuses of the new government: offensive location focused on education, teaching and skilled workers, strategic industry-environmental dialogue, which should also lead to a general solution to Green Zone issues, and strengthening care and health.

Black-green government in Vorarlberg fix

Three weeks after the Vorarlberg state elections, the ÖVP and Greens party committees agreed on a coalition agreement. The government program will be presented to the public on Tuesday.

An ambitious goal in terms of climate protection

Climate protection will also become a major issue. Rauch formulated an ambitious goal: "In ten years we want to be so far away that we can cover 100 percent of Vorarlberg's electricity demand from renewable energy." To achieve this, Rauch wants to invest heavily in photovoltaics. Of course, working in this area should also be interdepartmental, Wallner explained. A steering group with three state councils will be established to be responsible for climate protection and energy autonomy. According to Wallner, all parliamentary parties are represented in this group.

In other areas, such as securing and financing long-term care, temporary approaches have been formulated; here, thanks to federal powers, will first need a functioning government in Vienna, Wallner said.

The opposition sees the program differently

In other words, the new work program of the new black-green government is seen by the opposition. Although NEOS gives the government a good feel for the right topics. To date, but contains no more than titles. FPÖ has no clear commitment to S 18. Not at all satisfied with the SPÖ program. She lacks important innovations, for example in nursing.

Opposition reaction to new government program

There can be no other reaction from the opposition to the new government program. NEOS sees the right topics in the program, while the SPÖ would like more ideas in the field of care and health.

The Alliance of Industrialists sees the new program as a good basis for future work in Vorarlberg.

Skills are changing in departments

There are also changes in responsibilities in the ministries: childcare is transferred to the education department, new Governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink (ÖVP) will be responsible for cultural issues in the future, and sport will go to Martin Rüscher Health Department (ÖVP). However, the much discussed spatial planning remains in the economic department of Marc Tittler (ÖVP).

Landesrätin Barbara Schöbi-Fink, ÖVP District, Feldkirch

Daniel Mauche

New State Governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink

The position of the smoke is increased

The position of smoke is strengthened by responsibility for energy, and smoke is responsible for climate protection in all ministries. New is a combination of agriculture, tourism and rural development – former agricultural councilor Christian Gantner (ÖVP) is responsible for these areas in the future.

A new edition of black and green has been fixed

ÖVP and Greens continue the government partnership started in 2014. Both the ÖVP committee and the Greens General Assembly voted in favor of the coalition pact on Monday night – more on the new issue of Schwarz-Grün.

17 new members of parliament

Vorarlberg Parliament will be declared on Wednesday. 17 of the 36 members will be new. Most newcomers naturally come from the ÖVP, but each party is represented with newcomers to the state parliament – more than 17 new members in the state parliament.