Shirin David: Because of the color of his skin - serious allegations against the popular rapper 2

Shirin David: Because of the color of his skin – serious allegations against the popular rapper

Shirin David receives serious accusations of his skin color. The rapper is accused of often using himself as a brunette to his advantage.

  • Serious allegations of skin color have been raised against Shirin David
  • Journalist accuses rapper of so-called
  • Shirin David is accused of acting out in her favor in black

Hamburg – Shirin David he faces serious charges. how * reported in Hamburg born landmark from Journalist Helen Fares because of her skin color attacked. loud Helen Fares works Shirin David so-called "Blackface" and posing to his advantage as a black woman.

Shirin David: A journalist attacks a rapper for her skin color

On her Instagram Accounts on accounts Music journalist Helen Fares heavy quotes against Shirin David. Helen Fares accused Shirin David so-called "Blackface" work. "Blackface" means that themselves White specifically as black makeup. loud Helen Fares have Rapper Shirin David her makeup color is deliberately dark tinted with matching wigs dressed in one black do. As reported, he posted journalist on Instagram picture Shirin David and he commented with the words, “Did you recognize them, neither did I? Shirin Davidit turned out a black woman staged. "And not only Helen Fares criticized Shirin Davids obviously a preferred game with skin color, Youtuber Victoria Hadithi is dedicated to St "Blackface" landmark even the whole video called “Love Shirin David. black his is not a & # 39; COSTUME & # 39 ;! ".

Shirin David: Serious charges against rappers

The picture said Helen Fare in it I
nstagramStory shared the announcement from music videos in one "Off" Shirin David with Rapper Maître Gims recorded. And in fact it is Shirin Davids They are much darker here than when combined with the dark wig they also have in video bear, would Shirin without further ado black he would pass. "Please don't take pictures black don't act and be like a black woman! ", reads Helen Fares angry comment. And also Shirin David fans a striking change remains skin color he is not hidden from his idol. "So this tanned complexion is already pretty intense," the user writes below the image video in "Off", that Shirin up yourself Instagram published. one more cooling fan commented amused: "Blonde Shirin: typing, Brown Shirin: Love songs. "

Shirin David: Targeted Deception? This is what the rapper says about the allegations

In fact, Shirin David’s style lives on from diversity: The typing-Chamäleon loves experimenting with make-up, wigs and clothing and re-designs it. But the 24-year-old has a very dark make up on her face and body music video to "On Off" just slightly over the top or you want it fans purposely run for the nose, such as her journalist Helen Fare to charge makes?

Shirin David he commented accusations from Helen Fare on noizz said: "To be honest, I have one for my new one music video tried body makeup off & # 39; and found and I still think she's incredibly beautiful, ”she writes landmark, "If anyone feels hurt this time with the dark color of body makeup, I warmly suggest it wasn't my intention and make a big hug," Shirin David tries to flatten the waves. Recently, Shirin David shocked her fans with a forlorn confession for a beauty operation.

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