Smoke Stop: If you can last ten days, you can pack it 2

Smoke Stop: If you can last ten days, you can pack it

The last cigarettes were donated, the cigarette lighter banned, and the apartment ventilated: nothing bothers you anymore – actually. Because despite good intentions, many are becoming weak again. We give tips for successful resignation.

Withdrawal symptoms cause problems for many people who want to quit smoking. The body of the addict is so accustomed to nicotine that it is fiercely required. A smoker can think of something more than a seemingly redeeming move.

In addition to the strong craving for smoking, many people, among other things, have to cope with sleep disorders, poor mood, nervousness, aggression and increased appetite. No wonder tobacco lures. But who survives the first ten days has already made the biggest obstacle.

Stop Smoking: After ten days, the worst is over

After that critical period of time, withdrawal symptoms clearly diminish: "You can be sure that after seven to 10 days it will seriously weaken and disappear within a few weeks at the latest," the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) writes on its "no smoking" website. ". So, it's worth insisting on.

Seven tips: This way smoking cessation can work

  1. Keep in mind the benefits of smoking cessation.
  2. If you crave a cigarette: get distracted by, for example, sports.
  3. Stop smoking a day without stress.
  4. Create new routines, change your behavior patterns: Drink a glass of water after eating instead of smoking.
  5. Learn a relaxation exercise you can do with an acute desire.
  6. Avoid your favorite pub in the first retreat period.
  7. Small breaks in the fresh air can help if you are tired and exhausted from stopping the smoke.

Stay strong – for good reasons

Quitting smoking requires one thing above all else: Motivation. In order not to fall apart, you should always be aware of the benefits of giving up. Life expectancy is expected to increase significantly as the risk of respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer is reduced.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), more than 100,000 people die from smoking each year in Germany. Studies show that men who smoke more than ten cigarettes a day lose an average of about nine years. That's about seven years for women.

Benefits: Quitting smoking gives your lungs new strength

If you abstain from smoke, you not only improve your sense of smell and taste significantly. The skin also looks fresher as it is again better supplied with blood. The unpleasant bad breath about smoking is also gone.

Also, physical fitness is increasing rapidly. "In the first three months after smoking cessation, lung function improves, which is evident in everyday life, for example, when climbing stairs or playing sports," explains Professor Elisabeth Pott, BZgA director.

Smoking cessation: Obstruction of withdrawal symptoms

Sport also helps to get through the symptoms of withdrawal. It takes away the desire to smoke, relaxes and supplies the body with oxygen. Exercise is a great way to create new routines and reduce cravings. If you've always smoked a cigarette after smoking, you can go for a walk instead. It also makes digestion good.

And while many are getting sweeter and more salty during the delay phase, physical activity also prevents the extra pounds associated with smoking cessation.

Never stop smoking on Monday

It is also important to choose a stress-free time in the start. For many, the start of the year is an ideal starting signal, but it is usually very busy then. It is better to wait until the pressure drops or you have a few days off. A quiet weekend is more likely than a busy Monday.

Our advice:
Write a diary before you stop smoking. Remember the situations in which you smoke and why you smoke. This will allow you to understand what is one of the reasons behind your nicotine addiction, and to think more easily and get used to the alternatives.

Teeth brushing the trick craves nicotine

Quitting smoking is about changing behaviors: those who like to smoke after eating, brushing their teeth after eating or drinking a glass of water. Whoever smokes coffee for the first time for tea.

In the event of stress, chewing gum, sucking on sweets or drinking coffee can all help counteract the cigarette's appetite.

An urgent strategy against the desire for cigarettes

The biggest challenge is dealing properly with an acute desire: Are your hands already moving toward your bag? BZgA advises you to put off smoking first – and inhale and exhale deeply. It is then important to quickly change the situation, for example, to quit smoking colleagues.

Avoid your favorite pub for the first few weeks

In addition, especially in the initial phase of quitting, you should avoid places where you smoke – whether it is a meeting of smokers in front of a cafeteria or a favorite pub, where you may be remembered by friends who smoke to get a cigarette out the door.

Anyone who has already made several unsuccessful attempts should ask their doctor for advice. There are various additives, nicotine products (chewing gum with nicotine, etc.) and separation methods that help to make weaning easier.

Important note: The information does not replace professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized physicians. The contents of cannot and should not be used to make independent diagnoses or to initiate treatment.