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This morning (November 4, 2019) the opening shot for the first semester startup project! and for the first time for the student project InterestIng !. In a one-week professional simulation, undergraduates and high school students are simultaneously working on a thesis in economics from Schleswig-Holstein.

More than 280 undergraduate students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and Electrical Engineering are divided into 24 interdisciplinary teams; 28 students in three teams. Senior semester students advise on technical issues; Team coaches from the Department of Social Work and Health support team building. Prof. Dr. Ing. Harald Jacobsen, from the Department of Informatics and Electrical Engineering, is responsible for the overall project and is curious as to whether the new format has proven itself. "This career orientation is significant in my eyes before the study program is chosen. Therefore, this year we have an increase in the test balloon. When we are convinced not only of the students and convinced of the result, but of the other participants, ie teachers, the Ministry of Education and the Federal employment agency, we are happy to consolidate and expand this offering. "

Project sponsor this year: Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA from Lübeck. Dr. Henning Ritter, head of electronics development for medical technology, presented the participants with an interesting challenge: Building a minimalist emergency fan. "We look forward to a creative week. The practical task is technology for life. It is worth working on and we want to inspire everyone involved. A dose of extra motivation and new ideas is what we can all take away. "

In the Mary Anderson team, ten students are excitedly discussing what a mobile emergency fan might look like: Should the device be anchored in a hard case or wrapped in foil? Should the ECG be integrated, and if so, how could it be possible with a price of 100 euros? Felix Wehkamp of the Ricarda-Huch School handles the task for family reasons: "My parents are both doctors." Miriam Ziemann (Kiel Fellowship School) admits he doesn't know very well about medical issues: "It's fun, it's challenging, but we'll definitely get it."

Nordmetall Employers Association, start! Since 2009, the new format has been supported through start-up financing. Many students would be very interested in technical subjects but would not know how best to do it in their studies, explains Peter Golinski, director of education and employment at Nordmetall. "With interest! Now I can already gain concrete practical experience at university before choosing a degree and thus be better oriented. This useful extension of startIng! We love to support it."

On Monday, November 11, 2019, the closing event will take place from 2pm to 5.30pm in the multi-purpose building of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Socrates Square 3. The six teams selected by the jury present their results and the best ideas have been awarded. Head to the event u.a. Representatives of current and past project sponsors, the Ministry of Education and the Federal Employment Agency. Press representatives can monitor teams at work during project week and attend the closing event. If interested, please contact a spokesman for the University of Kiel:

Scientific contact:
Prof. Dr. Ing. Harald Jacobsen
Prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Henrik Weychardt

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