The best cuts for fine or fine hair 2

The best cuts for fine or fine hair

Everyday battle with fine, lifeless hair and weak hair is not just a problem for the elderly. Sometimes fine hair is caused by genetics, stress or excessive stress on chemicals or heaters. A long style does not cover fine or thin hair. Instead, it stretches the legs and releases more of the scalp. Although you may be reluctant to engage with Rapunzel-like curves, slim and fine hair will appear more full with a short haircut.

The best cuts for fine or fine hair 3

credit: drkskmn / iStock / Getty Images Find the best haircut for fine, fine hair.

Layered Mid-Length

Long haired women can move in a shorter style by cutting their hair to approximately shoulder length. Adding layers not only creates waves but increases the load and makes your hair move better. You can decide to keep your hair the same length to get style choices, such as: B. Tie your hair in a ponytail. However, choose an even smaller one to make your thinner locks fuller and healthier.

The bob

A small bob can be cut to the length of the ear or the length of the jaw of the same length. Cut hair slower on the back than forward for a trendy approach to this classic hairstyle. Although your hair is not long enough to tie a ponytail, you can change the piece or wear a head to change the look. Women with round faces benefit from the delicate appearance of the bob, and haircut softens the area of ​​women's squares.

The hit

The kick starts with the same straight line. Then the scissors are angled upwards to make irregular cuts that moisturize the ends of the hair. This effect adds richness, animates and adds a vibrant, alternative look to your style.

The pixie

While facial shape and hair type are important considerations as to which style suits you best, the thinner and thinner hair fits better with a pixie cut texture. Hair should be designed to have no role. Different lengths of sharp cuts increase the thickness and volume of the hair. If you're not ready to go this short distance, you can experiment with the length between Bob and Pixie.

Additional tips

Regardless of the hairdresser you choose, cut your hair regularly to get the shape of the haircut. Use thickening and thickening products to lift the hair to the roots. Avoid balancing hair with heavy styling products. Instead, apply a small amount of light gel to your locks.