The craving diet: So you have less desire for sweet and salty 2

The craving diet: So you have less desire for sweet and salty

Now! Immediately! I need chocolate! – who does not know them, the good old men crave salty or sweet. Often this longing comes in the afternoon at work or in the evening in front of the television. The problem with a small craving for food: You are the biggest enemy when it comes to weight loss. However, those who eat the right foods can stop small snacks among meals.

How does food craving come about?

A common reason for a sudden big appetite is a rapid drop in blood sugar, which signals to the brain that it lacks nutrients. For example, if you have a lot of glucose in your blood after eating a bar of chocolate, your body has to shed insulin to use it. As a result, blood sugar levels decline rapidly. Problem: Glucose levels drop quickly below normal and the brain sounds an alarm. This leads to a craving for food. The body signals: energy (i.e. food) and fast! Other reasons for frequent cravings may include hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or hyperthyroidism.

Anti-craving diet: This food helps against craving

1. Eat more protein

Eggs, beans or dairy products – foods rich in appetite for protein suppression. This is indicated by a study by the University of Missouri, which also looked at protein intake times. The result: Those who eat protein-rich foods in the morning tend to lose during the day. For example, quark, berries and cereals are a good idea for breakfast.

2. Olive oil for appetite

Olive oil can stop the craving for food! This is what American scientists found out in one study. It is the oleic acid in the digestive tract that releases a substance called olelettanolamide, which should stop craving. Also in nuts or avocados you will find this acid. For example, a salad with avocado, tomato, cucumber and light dressing with vinegar oil is a good dinner if you want to lose weight and prevent later craving for food.

3. Grapefruit balances insulin levels

Half a grapefruit after lunch protects you from hunger in the afternoon. Why? Tasty fruits contain many antioxidants that saturate and balance insulin levels. In addition, bitter substances suppress appetite.

4. Potatoes slow down hunger

In addition to bread and pasta, potatoes also appear in poor light if you want to lose a few extra pounds. But they provide a long sense of satiety, because they only digest very slowly. Plus, they have low calories, almost no fat and lots of fiber. Tip: If you want to lose a few pounds, eat the best cooked potatoes combined with lean quark. Dairy foods have only a few calories and are highly saturated due to their high protein content.

5. Satisfy your kidney beans

A delicious kidney bean salad is a good meal to lose weight. Beans are rich in vegetable protein and fiber. These are satisfying and so perfect against craving. Tip: Make sure that the tin kidney does not contain artificially added sugar when purchased.