The Men's Flu Phenomenon: Are Men Actually Different? - Ides 2

The Men's Flu Phenomenon: Are Men Actually Different? – Ides

The 2015 study is just one in a series of studies with similar content. Therefore, the results suggest that genes on the X chromosome are more "expressed" in women, that is, they appear or reproduce as in men. If the female body was pathogenic, the immune system tends to be more responsive than in the male. And an intensely active immune system may mean that, for example, suffering does not last as long as it does in men.

Evolution has equipped women differently

But why are women differently endowed with nature than men? Are they more capable of suffering because, for example, they have to deal with pain that men never face? Professor Marcus Altfeld sees other reasons for the different defense potentials of men and women: "During evolution, it is important to protect an unborn or newborn child from infection. A stronger immune response to pathogens in women may have evolved for this very reason."

If the male world is worse in the immune system, what can it do against the disease? Professor Altfeld prophylactically recommends influenza injection, in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. And not only for men, but also for women. Particularly at-risk groups such as the elderly, people with existing conditions and pregnant women from a certain period of pregnancy should be vaccinated. If possible, the vaccine is recommended in the months of October and November.

More information on vaccinations can be found on the Robert Koch Institute website on vaccinations.

But if you have any? What can a man or woman do to get well gripped by the flu while suffering from flu and taking medication? Among other things, German family insurance recommends a variety of home remedies. The first five recommendations on the list: hot tea, ensure indoor climate, rest and relaxation, eat warm soup and drink water.

Further tips can be found on the German Family Insurance website.

And what does an expert do when he himself has the flu? The drug used by Marcus Altfeld can also be found on the German Family Insurance List. "With bed rest," he adds to the healing, he says.

So, if you have a flu-infested home, it would be wise to send it to bed. And if you suffer a lot, then always remember: Men are different, especially sick men.