The sentence is not from the Nobel Prize for medicine 2

The sentence is not from the Nobel Prize for medicine

Oncologist Drauzio Varella is often said to have a quote about silicone breasts and erectile agents. But that doesn't come from him!

It's funny, it is thought-provoking, and social media is appropriate for quoting about old people with big breasts and a permanent erection, if at all. However, the following words said to come from "Nobel laureate Drauzio Varella" are not just legend:

In today's world, five times more is invested in drugs for male potency and silicone for women than for treating an Alzheimer's patient. As a result, we have several-year-old women with big boobs and old men with a hard cock, but no one can remember what that was good for.

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These words, says Brazilian oncologist Drauzio Varella. To further increase the severity of the sentences, it often happens that he is the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine:

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No Nobel Prize winners, no offer

Fact check: No Nobel laureates

Varella has won awards but never the Nobel Prize in Medicine. A comparison with the names from the official list of Nobel Prize winners in Physics and Medicine shows that the name Drauzio Varella is not listed there.

It gets even thicker when you ask for a quote because he never said it. This is quite clear from a report in a Brazilian newspaper in which he said:

Hare cerca de três meses, Varella concede the mind of the entrevista and the mind of the da Espanha. About the flap about the presentation recitando seguño frase, atribuída ao médico: "No mundo atual está se investindo cinco vezes mais em remédios para virilidade masculina and silicone para mulheres do que na cura do mal de Alzheimer. velhos de pinto duro, mas que não se lembrarão para que servam. "

Varella teve que esclarecer has no ar que não é about the author. "Não tenho a menor ideia de quanto invest in cura do Alzheimer. E jamais falaria uma grosseria dessas. Nem no bidquim."

(About three months ago, Varella was interviewed by a radio station in Spain, and a speaker introduced him to a sentence attributed to a doctor: "In today's world, five times more is invested in drugs to promote men and silicone than cure women Alzheimer's disease. we will have old breasts, big boobs and old hard socks for a few years, but they will not remember why they are there. "

Varella had to make it clear in a radio show that he was not the author of the word. "I have no idea how much money is being invested in curing Alzheimer's. And I would never talk about such insanity. Not even at the bar.")

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