Tightened skin: This is how you look with 50 and still like 30 2

Tightened skin: This is how you look with 50 and still like 30

"Waaas, are you 50?" Jennifer Lopez [50] and Anastasia Zampounidis [50] are likely to hear this phrase regularly. Your firm skin is truly enviable! But how do you do that? We will tell you what beauty measures you would need to take at a young age to be 30 years old at the age of 50!

Anastasia Zampounidis: Lifestyle is crucial

How stars like Jennifer Lopez and Anastasia Zampounidis with 50 still virtually wrinkle-free are? After all, plastic surgery must have helped, that's an obvious assumption. But Anastasia refuses cosmetic surgery. She says it Lifestyle essential for firm skin either.

"Science has since found out 20 percent are genes and 80 percent are lifestyle", said a former MTV presenter in an interview with BZ Berlin. 13 years ago, she completely changed her lifestyle. "I live sugar free for 13 years!", is her secret of eternal youth. This advice was given to her by a doctor for traditional Chinese medicine.

"The skin is getting cleaner, younger"lose weight without starvation, feel thinner, have less headache and sleep better",

counts Anastasia Zampounidis The benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle in an interview with equilibreplus.com.

In her book, Forever Sugar Free – My Recipes for Happiness, she gives useful tips and tricks and reveals his favorite recipes.

If you follow these 3 tips, you will look like 30 with 50 years

1. Tightened skin thanks to thorough facial cleansing

A simple beauty rule that differentiates so much: She should makeup every day! Paying attention to thorough facial cleansing in your 20s and 30s creates a basic requirement for firm skin. Cleaning removes not only makeup but also dirt that can settle in pores.

Dermatologists recommend daily facial cleansing Mizellenwasser, Micelles attract dirt almost like a magnet and thus make it special gentle cleaningIn addition, skin type also plays a crucial role in removing makeup. Because who has dry skin needs other products, for example, oily skin.

To make your complexion look even youthful-cool, you should be in your 20s and 30s exfoliate two to three times a week to make. It removes dead skin cells and stimulates the skin to renew cells.

Tightened skin: This is how you look with 50 and still like 30 3
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2. Beauty Must Have: Vitamin C

There are many anti-aging ingredients, but one of the absolute musts: Vitamin C. Particularity of the active ingredient: Contains antioxidants that Protects skin from free radicalsIn addition, they can prevent stains from aging Strengthen the skin's collagen fibers.

Tip: After cleansing your face, apply the serum with Vitamin C. This is followed by a daily cream that is yours Skin hydrated and thus helps prevent dehydration. Be sure to use a cream that UV protection contains.

Tightened skin: This is how you look with 50 and still like 30 4
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3. Tightened Skin: Hello, Sugar!

In your 20s you can still stuff everything inside yourself without increasing it? But at the beginning of the 30th, it looks a little different. Reason: the Metabolism slows and sugar can't burn so fast To keep your weight down, one thing is important healthy diet pay attention.

Not only will your body thank you, but your skin image also benefits from low-sugar diets. Wrinkles and sugar are directly related, dermatologists saidTherefore, sugar releases the skin to "caramelize" and accelerate skin aging.

Therefore, for long-lasting firm skin you should Reduce sugar consumption, In contrast, foods like oatmeal, nuts and onions can lower blood sugar levels. This will reduce wrinkles in the long run.

If you follow these tricks, chances are good even with 50 of them he still likes 30 to look like.

Tightened skin: This is how you look with 50 and still like 30 5
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