Weight Loss: Weightlifting has lifted Rachel over 100 pounds 2

Weight Loss: Weightlifting has lifted Rachel over 100 pounds

Aside from the beautiful landscape paintings, Rachel Bigbee's favorite photo motif seems to be the gym.

Here he regularly trains for strength and lifts great weights.

The result is visible in her bikini photo: She poses there with her well-dressed top figure lying on the beach.

But what seems so easy and leisurely has been extremely hard work.

Love for yourself – in good times and bad

On Instagram, Rachel shares a photo of a young overweight woman. Stunning: A warm, sweet smile runs through her round features.

It's Rachel. That's what she looked like a year and a half ago.

"I love the girl on the left. She's great, friendly and kind in every way," she comments on the photo herself.

"But I'm even more proud of the girl on the right. She's intentional, committed and willing to give her all and work hard."

For a direct comparison before and after, Rachel cut her current photo into a bikini next to her old, overweight.

She adds: "The girl on the right is ready to get rid of her ass." This is true in the true sense of the word, given the weight loss Rachel.

This is a special statement that the beautiful blonde makes: Because unlike many who have lost weight, she also loves her old self.

Still, changing her tumultuous self had nothing to do with Rachel's lack of self-acceptance. Her motivation was different.

Strength training day by day

At some point, Rachel had had enough of her unhealthy lifestyle.

"After just a few meters of running, I almost died," she writes. That should end. So she picked herself up and started working on herself day by day, intensively exercising her strength.

"This journey has taught me humility. I still feel like the girl on the left. I still can't believe what my body can do in the meantime," she reflected on her rapid success.

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