WhatsApp: So you know when it's in you! 2

WhatsApp: So you know when it's in you!

"I'm thinking of you", "Yes, I stay home today" or "Of course I want to see you at the weekend!" We all get these WhatsApp messages from our friends, but how do we know if this is a lie or a lie? The truth is, it's easy. Researchers reveal how to identify WhatsAppbecause researchers at Cornell University in New York have studied 1,703 WhatsApp stories, of which 351 contained lies. And something very interesting emerged!

WhatsApp Crawl: across the message

People who say they write more! Mostly the spunker messages were 8.2 words long. Honest mails contained only 7.4 words on average and were thus reduced. When you lie down, decorate a little more so that the message sounds as true as possible. But who counts the words? Therefore, it is far more crucial to choose his words if you want to know if they are within him Message lies.

Identify WhatsApp: by selecting words

According to the study, male liars often use words like "Try", "definitely" and "some", also "Me" or "me" are crucial words. So they link their statements to themselves and want to justify their behavior by WhatsApp. "Rather" By the way, this is also part of it. But let's just say to each other: research or not – not everyone who uses those words in the WhatsApp message is an instant liar. Like me, you and your best Dude, your friend has his own idiom, which can only contain these words.

WhatsApp: It answers very slowly

You asked him what he intends to do today responds very slowly the next day; Not a good sign. Either she really has a lot to do and she's so out of line all the time because she's getting ready for class, for example, or she's done something you shouldn't know. Unfortunately, if this situation is more common, you are likely to assume itthat you don't care too much about youbut you probably don't want to hurt yourself.

Caution: Girls are even worse!

Incidentally, girls use criticism words even more often than they do The formulas and on average even longer WhatsApp texts. But one thing must not be forgotten: the study was conducted in English and the words were translated. Therefore, there will be slight discrepancies when it comes to WhatsApp. In addition, girls simply allow for even more glaring lies, such as "I still have to do my job" or "I have my days, sorry, stay in bed", which the boys really can't bring – a clear advantage for us.

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