With this hairstyle they look thicker 2

With this hairstyle they look thicker

2. Beachwaves

Whether you have long, flat hairs or fine, short hairs. Beachwaves are always the solution when it comes to volume. The best place; Our hair becomes timeless. With special hair products like Sea Salt Spray, they last all day and are also suitable for any occasion. A day at the beach, a working day at your best friend's office or birthday – Beachwaves is now your criminal partner.

3. Ponytail

This can be seen with felt three hairs on the head no ponytail à la Ariana Grande, it should be clear. Nevertheless, we should not abandon the hairdresser we love so much, especially in hot temperatures. If you have thinner hair, you can simply wear the ponytail deep in the neck and with cool braids or striking clips you also want to bring variety.

4. The deep bun

Even the neck knot is ideal for the thinner hair to look thinner. In addition, it looks extremely elegant and simple – as Caro Daur demonstrates here. But beware: with fine hair, Dutt really looks better on the neck. For a large bun, you should use accessories like Duttkissen and Co. to help. Otherwise, Dutt seems a little "lost."

4. braid hairstyles

So far, have you always avoided combed hairstyles? Was it too much concern, instead of a sweet knitted braid to present a thin rat tail? Having fine hair doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to knitting forever. Everything is possible with the right technology! "Pancaking" is the keyword. If you have knitted your braid, you can simply pick up the loops and pull it out a little. This is the way your pigtail looks in a hurry.

No cut hair for fine hair

The worst cut your fine hair can do is not a cut! It is the ultimate hairdresser to let hair grow without creases or strokes. Straight thin hair tends to break off the ends and break the hair quickly. So, if you do not visit your hair regularly to visit a hairdresser, over time you can continue to soften the tips. To avoid hanging your mane on your head, you can also take some steps. This of course provides more quantity and variety. Beachwaves have better grip with a nice step cut.