12. BIGtalk with Dr. Ing. Michael Feld and presenter Steffi Neu: "Sleep well! - Tips for a peaceful night" 2

12. BIGtalk with Dr. Ing. Michael Feld and presenter Steffi Neu: "Sleep well! – Tips for a peaceful night"

Dortmund, Noise, Snoring, Stress, Constant Availability, Night Games Thoughts: Much can take away our sleep. Still, good sleep is a prerequisite for health, well-being and performance. 12. BIGtalk reveals how good sleep can be achieved under the heading "Sleep well – tips and tricks for a quiet night" on November 21, 2019 (Thursday) at BIG. The guest is a sleep doctor and author. Michael field. Together with presenter Steffi Neu, TV's famous doctor is a guarantee that the evening will be almost all just not so common.

Almost everyone has probably struggled with sleep problems in their lives. Some can't sleep, others can't sleep. "Many are unaware that sleep has an effect on our metabolic processes and hormone production." Michael field.

Sleep affects blood sugar levels, eating habits, skin and conductivity

Our dream affects blood sugar levels, eating habits, skin and, of course, performance. How sports, nutrition or even sex can contribute to a restful night and field. And why a cell phone has nothing to do on the bed, it should be obvious to everyone after BIGtalk. The doctor also provides useful tips: natural remedies, rituals, exercises, or snoring snacks. And it detects whether sleeping pills are addictive or trending on products like sleeping potions.

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Dr. Michael Feld is a general practitioner and sleep physician from Frechen. He has books like "Dr. He is the author of Big Sleep School "or" Sleep for the Awakened ", authored and regularly asked by experts as an expert. CEO Peter Kaetsch welcomes visitors to BIG. He explains that he is GREAT to help new parents sleep better. With the new Alexa Skill The "BIG Baby Sleep" of newborns should rest. And in a rather unusual way: the skill plays sounds like a liquid dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer. "This so-called & # 39; white noise & # 39; it’s very similar to the sounds that babies perceive in the womb, giving them a sense of safety and security, ”says Peter Kaetsch.

Known as the WDR presenter, Steffi Neu heads through the evening with the usual quick wit and fun. Soft drinks and healthy snacks are for the visitors.

The event will also be streamed live on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BIG

INFO: BIGtalk takes place at the BIGGallery in Dortmund, Rheinische Straße 1. Entry is on November 21, 2019 (Thursday) from 5:30 pm, the event starts at 6:30 pm, late at 8:15 pm. Admission is free. Click here to register.

Photo: Dr. Med. Michael Feld (photographer Nicole Groß / kick.management)
Steffi Neu (photographer Frank Schemmann)