2019 Ecological Beauty Trends 2

2019 Ecological Beauty Trends


Especially in times when Greta Thunberg's young people are role models, environmental beauty trends are becoming increasingly important.

Organic shampoo packaging

Sustainability takes place not only on the road, but also in the packaging industry. The idea is to create a climate-friendly alternative to the market. So the packaging should be reduced and the plastic largely eliminated.

In retail chains, shampoo is more often offered in plastic packaging that produces a lot of waste and pollutes the environment. In the meantime, packing alternatives, which can be used over and over again, have become better.

Water-soluble drops, which are provided in the form of filled capsules, dissolve, for example, in seconds. This avoids throwing anything away. Because they disappear without the rest. Sustainable development increases quality of life, brings more health and enables greater connection with nature. 2019 promises a lot of trendy and sustainable developments in the beauty industry.

Minimize waste

Some large companies strive to completely eliminate packaging. The companies claim that the wastefulness of the product is completely reduced. The so-called “sub-zero-waste” trend is reflected in 2019 as a development for the beauty and body industries. There are already some companies on the market that offer non-packaging shampoos, body lotions, shower gels and other products in stores. However, new strategies need to be considered to remain successful in the market.

A vegan on the move in cosmetics

Animal welfare is important to many people. Therefore, many consumers reject cosmetic products that have been used in animal experiments. These are already banned anyway.

Orient yourself in the vegan direction. It also increases the popularity of vegan products. When vegan toothbrushes were first brought to the drug chains, there was great joy on social media. Thereafter, vegetable food was offered and more and more consumed. Because of the environment and your body, you should do something right.

Organic shopping

To avoid plastic when shopping, a bag or net for fruits and vegetables may help. The plastic bag no longer needs to be bought. So you can be aware of its surroundings.

An eco bag is also an important factor in the goods purchased at the supermarket. Seasonal products should be trusted. These are significantly nutrient-dense because they grow in natural sunlight and in fresh air. As a result, vitamins can also develop better.

Because especially products from other countries pollute the environment with pollutants. Although pesticides prevent fungal attack, they are harmful. In addition, nitrate exposure is extremely high, which has a negative impact on human health.

Non-seasonal products have cultivation and air transport behind them. High energy and oil consumption are devastating.

The difference in taste is also seen. The degree of maturity of non-seasonal products is usually still in its infancy. The products thus mature in their transport journey. The aroma of seasonal products is much more aromatic in taste.

To reduce the total consumption of plastic, one should rely more on glass bottles. Some companies, like Sanpuro, intentionally offer glass bottles to make them more environmentally friendly.