A woman immune to Alzheimer's - doctors see an opportunity for brand new therapies 2

A woman immune to Alzheimer's – doctors see an opportunity for brand new therapies

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Alzheimer is oblivious: those affected are mentally reduced, until they recognize even more relatives. But now researchers have found perhaps the first immune woman.

The 70-year-old does not have Alzheimer's: Fortunately, it is not an isolated case. But the case of a Colombian woman is something very special: her broad family has been developing Alzheimer's for generations between the ages of 40 and 50 – the most common dementia disease in the world. The large-scale extended family of about 6,000 relatives is therefore a very interesting research facility for physicians.

Resistant to Alzheimer's: Woman gives up on puzzles

For generations, a family clan from the Medellin region of Colombia have been battling a terrible disease: Alzheimer's. This form of dementia often begins insidiously, the afflicted increasingly forget thingsBut it does not stop there, mental degradation progresses throughout, more and more acquired life skills are lost, long-term and short-term memory disappears until patients with dementia in the last stage can remember anything and no longer recognize even close relatives.

Fearful scientists are exploring how dementia can be stopped. If the disease has just erupted, the course may be delayed by medication, but cure is still not possible. However, the case of the Colombian woman is currently making a shift in the field of researchThus, at the age of over 70, she was still spared a disease that had affected the whole family for decades. The woman encountered a research team led by Joseph Arbodela-Velasquez of Harvard Medical School when they screened 1,200 clan members, Focus reported.

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Due to Alzheimer's protection, the body can open the door to new therapies

Scientists have found mutated PSEN1 in all family members that cause Alzheimer's disease to begin. Although the woman with immunity showed the same gene change, she did not get sick. Responsible for resistance, researchers are making another gene mutation: The so-called APOE3 variant, also a Christchurch mutation.

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Although more studies are needed to understand exactly how our own dementia protection works. But even now, the discovery of a mutation of protective genes against Alzheimer's milestone is in the study of dementia, which could be the basis for brand new Alzheimer's therapies.

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Celebrities who have lost their memory

A woman immune to Alzheimer's - doctors see an opportunity for brand new therapies 3
Alzheimer's Nightmare: Former FC Bayern Munich football player Gerd Müller suffers from Alzheimer's disease. A few weeks before his 70th birthday, on November 3, the German football champions and the 1974 world champion family are seeking an understanding that there will be no public appearances on the anniversary. © DPA
Karheinz Böhm
The great actor Karheinz Böhm died on May 29, 2014 at the age of 86. It was not until February 2013 that Böhm's Alzheimer's disease became known. His son Michael no longer wanted to remain silent about his father's medical condition. Karlheinz Böhm became a star on Romy Schneider's side in Sissi. Böhm has been working for hungry people in the Sahel since 1981 (archive photo dated 2/05/2011). © DPA
Former actor Karlheinz Böhm, who ran Ethiopia's "People for People" for 28 years, and wife Almazs, visited the reforestation project "Sheikh Abdi Erosion trench" in Ethiopia (photo taken in 2006).
Former actor Karlheinz Böhm has been running Ethiopian's "People for People" since 1981. A 2006 photograph shows how Böhm and his wife Almazs visit the reforestation project of Sheikh Abdi's Eition Trench in Ethiopia. © DPA
Rudi Assauer
Rudi Assauer and the dreaded Alzheimer's diagnosis rocked the whole of Germany. His honesty is affecting. © DPA
Schalke manager Rudi Assauer
In a television appearance in early 2012, football manager Rudi Assauer spoke openly about his suffering for the first time. And the celebrity is not alone with her difficult fate. © DPA
Ronald Reagan
Former US President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) did not acknowledge his wife Nancy one day – after more than 40 years of marriage. © DPA
Ronald Reagan Alzheimer
"Now I begin the path that leads me to the sunset of my life …" – In 1994, the former president admitted in a letter as an Alzheimer's patient. This was the first time that public awareness of the disease had been created. © DPA
Gunter Sachs suicide
In Europe he made a name for himself as a photographer, art collector and playboy: Gunter Sachs, but for fear that Alzheimer would commit suicide at the age of 78 (May 7, 2011) © DPA
Margret Thatcher
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is considered adamant and has been nicknamed the Iron Lady. © DPA
Peter Falk
American actor Peter Falk as Inspector "Columbo" in his typical suit, coat – and with a cigarette in his hand eventually needed all-day care. Suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's disease by summer 2011. © DPA
Annie Girardot
French actress Annie Girardot has died at the age of 79 (February 28, 2011) from Alzheimer's. © DPA
Charlton Heston
Alzheimer's diseased Charlton Heston died at the age of 84. The American actor has become known for the movie epic movie "The Ten Commandments" by Moses. For his Judas in "Ben Hur" in 1959, he received an Academy Award for Best Actor. © DPA
Bubi Scholz
Again and again Bubi Scholz came back to life despite several strokes. The former boxing legend also suffered from Alzheimer's disease and passed away at the age of 70 in Berlin (08/21/2000). © DPA
Country star Glen Campbell, despite being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, wanted to go on tour for the last time and say goodbye to his fans with several live performances. © DPA
Actor Fred Delmare was one of the most famous actors from GDR. Last Delmare was in the equilibreplus.com series "In Your Friendship" as Grandpa Friedrich in front of the camera. In 2005, he retired from professional life due to his Alzheimer's disease, from which Mime died in 2009. © DPA
Helmut Zacharias
Violin virtuoso Helmut Zacharias composed 400 pieces, produced 1,400 titles and sold 13 million records. It recently disappeared from the public eye. The musician suffered from Alzheimer's disease and lived until his death at the age of 82 (28/02/2002) in a sanatorium near his Ascona residence in Switzerland. © DPA
Roberto Blanco
Roberto Blanco and Sodom work together on the site of the German Alzheimer's Society, for example, the singer draws attention to the disease. © obs
Bust of brain researcher Alois Alzheimer
Bust of Alois Alzheimer's brain researcher: When a psychiatrist first gave a lecture on "An Unusually Severe Brain Disease Process" in Tübingen on November 3, 1906, his colleagues found his discovery curious. 100 years later, the Alzheimer's name is one of the most famous in the world, with a brain disease named after him, affecting 700,000 to a million people in Germany alone. © DPA