Beauty Ritual: This is how you discover your individual beauty 2

Beauty Ritual: This is how you discover your individual beauty

A similar button should be abolished for Facebook and Instagram – which might even make sense on social media. But in personal relationships with one another, mutual respect is more important than ever! In our restless and fast-paced daily life, we have forgotten how to consciously perceive our fellow human being.

Therefore, we should necessarily compliment each other more often – because nothing has a similar empowering effect and makes us radiate as much as honest, positive feedback.

Compliments push self-esteem and charisma

When we receive a compliment, we feel ourselves. We feel strengthened and affirmed. Our effort has paid off and our brains are releasing hormones of happiness. We really blossom, feel more confident and trust each other more.

explains life coach and expert Lea Vogel in an interview with ELLE

To create a new awareness of our own beauty, Flaconi launches a true complimentary movement in which we are called to integrate more compliments into our daily lives.

Of course, to enhance your well-being, cosmetics can also help you discover and love your own style and beauty. Therefore, it is important for you to find a completely individual ritual that gives you a great sense of body and will integrate that ritual into your beauty routine in the future.

Find your individual ritual

Whether it is a nourishing moisturizer in the morning, a red lipstick applied to important dates such as a kind of empowerment ritual or a relaxing warm bath on the weekends followed by body scrubs, each person has individual needs and different needs for a beauty routine. In Flaconi's online store you will find exactly the products you need for your personal care.

Makeup emphasizes my individuality and allows me to be creative with toys. It gives me strength and protection and gives me confidence every day. My scent and him are the best compliments for myself.

Loni Baur, Flaconia Beauty Specialist

We have put together a selection of our favorites for you:


Enjoy the time you spend with yourself in the bathroom, be aware in the future and do something right. Because nursing routines are always something like pampering for the soul. Face serums and moisturizing masks give your skin essential nutrients and give it a natural glow.

A gentle, nourishing self tanner will give you a fresher and healthier look even in the gray autumn and winter days. Overnight treatments allow you to start the day with a radiant complexion and an extra dose of confidence the next morning.


Beauty products and styling tools like straighteners or curling irons help you discover and interpret your individual beauty every day. Are you loud and sometimes quiet? Sometimes elegant and sometimes fast forward? In the huge range of Flaconi you will find the right partner for all aspects of your personality.

Incidentally, decorative cosmetics have a similar effect to compliments: they both highlight your individual beauty and make you feel a little stronger and more comfortable in your skin.


The best make-up products and the best clothes can't be effective if you run stressed throughout your life and are constantly exhausted. Therefore, Me-Time is not only a hot topic, but also a precondition for healthy and strong charisma. And for a good relationship with you and your body.

Therefore, regular anti-stress rituals should be included in your daily routine. In a hurry, this can be a short session with a Jader roller, which smoothes, cools and soothes your skin – while giving the stones spiritual power that balances your entire body. Or an extensive spa on the weekends! Scented candles, bath products, essential oils or massage tools – there is no limit to absolute relaxation.

"Find your beauty. On a daily basis. "Whether it's makeup, fragrances, care products or wellness products – everything you need for your personal beauty ritual can be found at Flaconi's Beauty Online Store.