Bee Vectoring Technologies has signed two new blueberry producers during the commercial phase of business - 2

Bee Vectoring Technologies has signed two new blueberry producers during the commercial phase of business –

Bee Vectoring Technologies Inc.: Bee Vectoring Technologies Signs Two New Producer Agreements in the Blueberry Market as the Commercial Phase of Business Continues


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Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc .: Bee Vectoring Technologies

signs two new producer agreements in the blueberry market, a

the commercial phase of the business continued to thrive

06.11.2019 / 07:26

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Bee Vectoring Technologies has signed two new manufacturer agreements with the company

The blueberry market as the commercial phase of the business continued


Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) and Sacramento, California (USA) (November 6)

2019) – Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. ("Company")

or "BAT") (TSXV: BEE) (OTCQB: BEVVF) announced today that

The companies agree with two leading blueberry farmers in the

Georgia has signed its own company filing system

Bees and VECTORITE ™ with CR-7. Blueberries are second

A cultivated plant successfully developed commercially by the company.

These two new agreements briefly follow the recently announced BAT

commercial contracts with top producers in the strawberry market.

BAT is currently in talks with more than 10 others

Georgia blueberry growers as well as other blueberry growing areas i

looks forward to more appointments in the coming weeks.

"The BVT blueberry market offensive is very well received

we have received US EPA approval, "said Ashish Malik, CEO of Bee

Vector technologies. We are making good progress

our commercialization strategy and we are excited about these two

Having producers as our first partners in the blueberry market and

it will expand the momentum we see in the strawberry market. We are happy

us to post further updates while on

for the transition to blueberries in late winter and early spring,

in Florida in January and February, and then Georgia, North

Carolina, New Jersey and Michigan expand in April and May as well

The US states in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington,

achieve. "

The two contracted blueberry growers will be out in the near future

The best 2020 growing season on conventional 250 acre land

use. On conventional commercial crop cultures

pest control manufacturers usually use only

Spray applications for chemical pesticides. It is expected that

Inclusion of a natural precision BAT breeding system, approved by

commercially grown bees directly into blueberries

Biological pesticide alternatives used to obtain and protect against

Diseases will increase. This is just a fraction of the product

used for normal spray application.

Water consumption and fossil fuel consumption have been reduced

of importance to manufacturers using the BAT system.

It is a proven approach for crops, growers and consumers

benefits: In a broad 2019 demonstration in Georgia, it could

with BAT, high yield of blueberry culture increased by 29%

be. BVT is a natural fungicide, also called biological

(Biological), helps fight disease and

Pests in low- and high-stem blueberry crops. It is improving

the crop yields better pollination and provides higher

Fruit base (more berries per stem) and larger berries.

After trying out progressively larger cultivated areas in the past

Seasons will be one of the contracted blueberry growers at BAT

next season on its surface. Other

The manufacturer is the first user this year, with BAT initially set at 25%

his breeding area. As is typical for growers, plan

them, BAT over two to three seasons gradually throughout their work


"Our sales strategy enables it to be controlled, incrementally

Introducing highly qualified staff, manufacturer confidence

strengthens and guarantees an exemplary experience, ”Malik continued

Last season, we discovered that they were the original BAT

on a small part of their fields. As soon as they are successful

See pest control and yield improvement results,

They are often in the second season of BAT on much of their BAT

Use in operation – in the third year the application is applied to

the whole surface. Neighboring growers often order

o. So, if we have sales obligations already at the beginning of the induction cycle

so we are very pleased with it since we are in the future

The seasons expect a multiplier effect. "

Blueberries are an important market ready for change.

Blueberries are a high quality crop and generate sales

up to $ 18,000 (1) per morning. In North America, 54% of the global

Blueberry yield, with nearly 300,000 acres in the US and Canada

plant, which is a $ 1.1 billion off-farm value (2).

the commercial blueberry market is widely used in both countries.

The main breeding areas are in the US in Washington, Oregon,

Georgia, Michigan, California, North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida

in Canada in the Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince

Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador). in British Columbia.

(1) Source: UGA extension, IPM blueberries

(2) Source: USDA, Agricultural Statistics Yearbook 2018 and STATCAN, 2018

Production of fruits and vegetables

About Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc.

BVT, an agricultural technology company, is a pioneering company in

A market with significant opportunities in the global marketplace

$ 240 billion for crop and fertilizer protection. BAT is one

developed a natural precision agro-cultural system. This system replaces

chemical pesticides and wasteful application of spray

Plant protection products using biological alternatives to pesticides

for crops using commercially grown bees.

BAT technology, Precision Vectoring, is completely harmless to bees and

enables the direct delivery of tiny amounts of naturally occurring pesticides

(called biologists) on flowers. This allows for improvement

Crop protection and better yields than conventional chemicals

Pesticides – and improve soil, microbiome and oxide health

Environment. Currently, BAT holds more than 60 patents. More than 30 patents

they are registered worldwide in all major agricultural countries. company

has US EPA approval for its VECTORITE ™ with CR-7

(EPO Registration Number 90641-2) sold as a certified organic organism

Fungicide for use on marked crops.

For more information, visit the company website at


Ashish Malik, President and CEO

Babak Pedram, Investor Relations

Virtus Advisory Group

Tel: 416-995-8651

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