Challenge Tour season finale: The German trio wants to join the European Tour 2

Challenge Tour season finale: The German trio wants to join the European Tour

As the European Tour playoffs begin in Turkey, the top 45 Challenge Tour players come together to compete in Turkey next year. At least 15 lucky people who will receive a European Elite League Tournament ticket at the end of the Grand Final Challenge Tour next year can dream of playing seven million instead of 420.00 euros. The three participants at Club de Golf Acanada, a terribly difficult but fantastically beautiful golf course in the north of Balearic Island, come from Germany.

Their starting points are quite different. While Sebastian Heisele, currently eleventh in the rankings, holds all the reins, Marcel Schneider holds second, if not victory, in 42nd place without any setbacks (the European Tour Q-School is open to anyone not doing so below the top 15 creates). Nicolai von Dellingshausen as the 33rd Order of the Merit of Challenge Tour will likely have to take third place to jump on the European Tour. Of course, the competition has to play as well.

Sebstian Heisele: "Actually this is a stress-free week"

Heisele, on the other hand, can focus entirely on herself. The 31-year-old, who celebrated her maiden victory in the Challenge Tour in September, is calmly facing the season finale: "Actually, this is a stress-free week, but of course it's still possible for me to fly out of the top 15. But I'll try. there are a few more places to make up the rankings, and as far as major tournaments are concerned next year, it can be important again, so the view is actually going forward, not what the competition is doing. ”Still, he has already calculated the worst case scenario. But Heisele also knows that with her win at Mallorca, she is first in the season on her.

Predictably, this was not necessary after the first half of the season. Asked about his "fantastic autumn", Heisele corrects: "a surprising autumn!" Where the turnaround comes from first winning the Challenge Tour, second in France and third in a highly endowed tournament in China, the adult architect in Dubai knows. "It all started with 61 in Belgium (KPMG Trophy), from that point I went from week to week and had good results with me, which of course is self-explanatory, but like last year mix and see only left and right obstacles , you can no longer find the shoal, then all of a sudden you have control again and confidence makes the goals smaller and more accurate, which makes it easier. "So everything in the bag and bags? "I now have the eleventh place, which is about 20,000 euros ahead of the 15th," says Heisele. The failure is off? "It is possible, but unlikely."

Marcel Schneider: "Everything is happening at once"

The right word to describe Marcel Schneider's chances of being in the top 15 is also amazing, but if he was completely gone, he would let it go. "Of course this is a great opportunity to go on a European tour. In my estimation, winning or second place would be sufficient. By my budget, of course I know that it is very difficult because there are only 45 top performances here. However, the opportunity is there. "

However, the need for the best placement is not a reason for Schneider to jump headlong into the tournament: "I will not enter tactics extremely aggressively. Of course, I will try to give every bird a chance in as many chances as possible. But not excessive wildlife." relatively tiring ”. Expectations are therefore not the best for the 29-year-old, who already competed last year in the Challenge Tour final but missed the jump to the top 15. "I don't have the best feeling, to be honest, but golf can be fast, I've seen a lot in my career that I didn't feel so good and then it all comes together and you play top week ".

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