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China to cure Alzheimer's disease – health |

For decades, people have been trying to treat Alzheimer's. No success so far. Now the Chinese manufacturer wanted to find a solution.

In recent years, several billion have been invested in research into Alzheimer's disease. A clear goal: effective treatment for disease. But so far, all drugs and therapies have been unsuccessful.

Now the Chinese drug maker is sure to find a solution. Already “very soon” one wants to bring a medicine to the market. Conditional approval has already been given, the Chinese drug agency NMPA announces. But they wanted to continue research to test not only efficiency but also long-term safety.

The worldwide demand is huge

Essential ingredient: brown algae. A team of researchers around scientist Geng Meiyu investigated the effects of seagrass over a long period. They found that some of the sugar in the gut suppresses the bacteria contained, which can lead to brain inflammation, as described in an article in Cell Research.

The Green Valley pharmaceutical company tested the effect in a clinical trial and was able to confirm it. A total of 818 participants participated in the study. Subjects were previously diagnosed with mild or moderate Alzheimer's disease. For four weeks, the subjects were taking the drug. Result: Cognitive brain functions could actually be improved in patients.

If the drug prevails, it could become the largest marketed drug in the world. Currently, about 50 million people suffer from dementia, two-thirds of whom have Alzheimer's disease.

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