Dark in dark days: Autumn without depression 2

Dark in dark days: Autumn without depression

The cold season brings not only low temperatures but many cloudy days with it. Some like it. They enjoy being comfortable in the home. "But some," reveals Maria Werni, a psychotherapist from Maria Enzersdorf, "this season is beating up the mood. They are melancholic and sometimes depressing."

About 200,000 Austrians repeatedly suffer from autumn and winter depression, according to a study conducted several years ago by the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Vienna. The term for this is "seasonal dependence on depression, short US," reveals the president of the National Psychotherapy Association of Lower Austria. Unlike other forms of depression, it actually only occurs in the fall and winter.

Those affected feel without energy, without desire and drive, sadly unfounded, have more appetite, especially for sweets and want to sleep more, are tired in the morning, irritable, less efficient and withdraw. However, according to Werni, not all symptoms may occur simultaneously. Whether there will be a mild mood or depression depends on the intensity of the symptoms. "However, if it looks very dark in the soul and there is life weariness, then there is an urgent need for action!" Warns the psychotherapist.

"Not every bad mood equals depression"

Causes include natural biorhythm. He explains that on long winter nights, he may be responsible for the fact that people fall into a sort of dormant phase. Lower amounts of natural sunlight – due to shorter days and shallow sunlight – alter many people's hormonal balance. Sleep hormone melatonin is released more. The body turns into hibernation.

Dark in dark days: Autumn without depression 3

.Andrea Bichl

Maria Werni, Psychotherapist and Chair of the National Association for Psychotherapy in Lower Austria. Andrea Bichl

"In other words, it is perfectly normal for us to feel a little less driven and slowed down in the winter. Not every bad mood equals depression." "Only in our modern society are these symptoms becoming a problem." Because we keep going all year.

What can you do? "Irradiation with a daylight lamp, which should have a power of 2,500 to 10,000 lux, suggests brain conditions as in the summer. They can use a silencer in the morning. Advantages: According to Wern, light therapy has no side effects. I: 60 to 90 percent respond , especially after two to three weeks Disadvantage: If you stop tanning, the effect returns.

In severe cases, antidepressant drug therapy may be required, which should be clarified by one skilled in the art.

To clarify the causes

"From a psychotherapy standpoint, however, we should not lose sight of the main causes of generalized depression," she emphasizes. They need to be clarified. "Light therapy is useful, but not if I'm afraid of dying. This is where psychotherapy helps."

There are over one thousand active psychotherapists in Lower Austria. National Psychotherapy Association may request a catalog (0664 /
73 34 96 34 or office@psychotherapie-noelp.at, www.psychotherapie.at).

In the warm season, causes can still be overcome, before topics such as loneliness, finesse and dying in the winter spread again. Around the Feast of All Saints, when one thinks of the deceased, some fear separation, loss and fear of death, questions about the purpose of life and, again and again, unfinished grief. It is often replaced in everyday life, though sadness belongs to life. And that can lead to depression.

Outdoor sports and exercise.

As they move, random messengers are released more and more.

Meet your friends.

Humans are beings from relationships. Good conversations with friends can lift our spirits.

Cozy home.

Depending on your taste, the apartment can be warm, bright or romantic. Good scents, teas, a good book, good music?

Handicrafts & Co.

"Remember your hobbies indoors, such as crafts, knitting, painting, music making, etc." And: "Heal yourself!", Werni recommends.