Dear Queen: Candidates with and without makeup: They are such a charming look 2

Dear Queen: Candidates with and without makeup: They are such a charming look

Germany needs a queen – that's the motto of the new ProSieben show "Queen dear", Search since November 14 Heidi Klum, Conchita Wurst and Bill Kaulitz for the best drag queen in the country.

Ten candidates move to a villa in Los Angeles and have to deal with tasks week after week. Only those who fully convince the jury with their dress and performance have a chance to become Germany's first queen. Introducing you dear queen.

"Queen dear": These are ten candidates

Aria Addams

The 22-year-old from Wolfsburg came through a travesty show about the idea of ​​playing the drag queen.

Bambi Mercury

The Berliner, 32, has already revealed her fascination for transformation in kindergarten. At that time it was still Rotkäppchen, today Bambi prefers the crown.

Broke candy

With almost 35,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel Candy Incident, the 32-year-old from Berlin is the most successful drag queen in the YouTube language.

Catharine Leclery

Diva from Brazil: In 1995, the 48-year-old came to Cologne. She has been in the drag scene for many years – and this year she was the first drag queen in her home country to ride on a carnival car.

Hayden Kryze

The 20-year-old from Berne describes herself as a "muscle queen". She was abused at school, today she confidently acts as the jewel queen.

Janisha Jones

The native Spaniard, 26, began her precious career two years ago in a competition in Munich. Since then, she has been attracting attention as Janisha Jones with her dance moves.

Katy Baehm

She is an influence among drag queens: the 27-year-old from Berlin is already following around 60,000 people on Instagram. It also has its own online store.

Samantha Gold

Hamburgerin, 35, won the Miss Grazer Tuntenball title in 2015, two years later in Germany. Since then, she works as a tow three to four times a week.

Vava Wilde

She is the queen of gems of another star: the 30-year-old from Stuttgart designs and smooths out her most furious outfits, sometimes even herself.

Yoncé Banks

The 27-year-old from Paderborn is named after her big role model: American star Beyoncé Knowles. In 2014, Yoncé was booked by the drag queen as a male dance origin, making contact with the scene for the first time.

The initial signal for a great new show drops to November 14th. Then the "Queen dear" always runs on Thursdays 20:15 sat on ProSieben.

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