Disease Prevention: The Best Time to Get Influenza - Employees at the Ankle Clinic Set a Good Example 2

Disease Prevention: The Best Time to Get Influenza – Employees at the Ankle Clinic Set a Good Example

"There is no other vaccine in Germany that could save more lives," said Professor Dr. Lothar H. Wiehler. Institute President Robert Koch has pointed to the high risk of influenza infection, which could quickly end, especially for the elderly or chronic patients. At Oberviechtach Hospital this is known – for the medical director of the clinic, Dr. Med. Christian Glöckner, therefore, "for three reasons, of course, we offer the flu vaccine to all employees: Protects against illness, reduces the spread of the flu virus in the hospital – and last but not least, we are a good example."

OBERVIECHTACH In the flu season 2017/2018. More than 25,000 people have died from the flu in Germany. Who, according to Dr. The next Glöckner they decided to vaccinate, they should go to a family doctor in November to prepare for the next flu, which will await us at the turn of the year. At Asklepios Clinic in Oberviechtach, many employees are already vaccinated against the four-shot flu vaccine – because "as before, vaccination is the most important measure of disease protection."

In addition to vaccination, the medical director and chief medical practitioner recommends internal medicine as a priority precautionary measure: "Keep away from those who are already ill and, above all, pay special attention to hygiene and thorough washing of hands with soap." The highest hygiene standards are applied at the clinic itself; For example, more than 150 disinfectants installed in corridors and clinic rooms are a visible sign to patients and visitors.

Savings are completely out of place here, especially visitors and relatives need to make a lot of use as they contribute, among other things, to patient safety: By entering and leaving the clinic and hospital room, donors and hands disinfect can reduce the risk of infection for patients and staff.