Dr. Müller becomes the new head of the interior 2

Dr. Müller becomes the new head of the interior

Hemer / Letmathe.
Former Director Letmather Marienhospital has moved to Paracelsus Clinic Hemer.

Dr. Müller becomes the new head of the interior

Experienced specialist in internal medicine, angiology, intensive care medicine and infectiology with a focus on gastroenterology, Dr. Med. honey. Ulrich Müller, who has operated the 70-bed Paracelsus Clinic since November 1st. Has a post from Dr. Burkhard Zülch, who has occasionally led the department for several months and will continue to be part of the team.

"My name is Dr. Müller and we are very pleased to have such an experienced expert in our home, ”says Clinic Manager Barbara Bieding. An internal medicine specialist has been director of internal medicine and medical director of Letmathe Marital Hospital for nearly two decades. Following the announcement of the closure of Marienhospital in Letmathe, Dr. Ing. Müller for the Paracelsus Hemer Clinic as a new location.

Vascular dispensary negotiations

Dr. Müller wants to bring his years of management experience, his network and his medical expertise closer, ensuring high-level patient care. "The offer of the Paracelsus Clinic was largely in line with my ideas of interdisciplinary patient care and comprehensive care beyond hospital stay," explains the 61-year-old chief physician, who has already met with his colleague and physician, the chief medical practitioner. Dehnst is in close contact.

Negotiations are currently underway with the Dortmund Mandatory Health Insurance Physicians Association. Müller can still continue to administer an estimated vascular clinic for patients and doctors from across Nordkreis, the clinic reports. Technical and staffing requirements are present in Hemer.