Dr. Patricia Frisch welcomes mental health professionals as students 2

Dr. Patricia Frisch welcomes mental health professionals as students

Dr. Patricia Frisch is the founder and director of the Northern California Organic Institute. OINC offers individual therapy and offers Reichian therapy training personally and through distance learning as well as professional supervision.

Dr. Frisch's training in orgonomic therapy is a comprehensive theoretical and clinical method that teaches the clinician a brief diagnostic typology of character types and its consequent biophysical codification of segmentation of segmental character. It includes a working model of how to effectively engage specific types of character, set a clear therapeutic framework, and work effectively with protective protections so that a deeper look and impact can be found. The method teaches fine-tuned intervention skills. The method is applicable to a wide range of clinical conditions, including patients with extensive trauma. Recent advances in neuroscience show that our earliest attachment experiences in early childhood have a radical impact on brain development, with major consequences for our entire ability to function. The mind / body connection is deep, and as professionals, we can intervene to correct the self-regulatory breaks that occur at the deepest levels.

Dr. Frisch's method integrates Masterson's (James Masterson MD's) theories and the characteristic types of Self disorders to provide a comprehensive typology of character, which includes pre-peritoneal attachment disorders, in the scheme of neurotic types of Reich. It also integrates Carl Jung's concepts to give a broad understanding of the unconscious and to provide clear guidance in the analysis of sleep.

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