Environmental project: Rohrbach-Berg becomes a bee-friendly community 2

Environmental project: Rohrbach-Berg becomes a bee-friendly community

The starting workshop was an introduction to the project "Bienenfreundliche Gemeinde" which is the city of Rohrbach-Berg in collaboration with Bodenbündnis O.Ö. over the next three years. Objective: To create new habitats for bees and insects, ROHBACH GORANA (hed). "About 70% of the indigenous wild bees that breed in the country form the bridge between the Bodenbündnis of Upper Austria and the Beekeeping Community – our Bee Soil project, funded by the Upper Austria State Department for the Environment," explains Georg Wiesinger, of the O.Ö Soil Alliance. "Bee conservation measures help other insects, birds, bats and other animals." Overall, promoting biodiversity, protecting the soil and creating the environment are at the forefront, "Wiesingner said." Rohrbach-Berg is it has been a climate federation for years, and since the spring it has also been Bodenbündnis Gemeinde, and has already taken many predefined measures, "informed the chairman of the environmental committee, Bernhard Donner. or Rasenrgitterseine. ”Since spring, pesticides are no longer used in public places and alternative methods have been tested.

Allow the community to flourish

"With the Bienenfreundliche Gemeinde Rohrbach-Berg project, we would now like to let Rohrbach-Berg flourish." Farmers, clubs, as well as schools, businesses and garden owners should be consciously involved in the work, "said Bernhard Donner, City Councilman for environment and energy Initial project proposals were developed by workshop participants to create species-rich flower meadows in public areas and roundabouts. is a photo contest and information event to raise awareness of "wild landscapes".

A small wilderness

Ökolog- Neue Mittelschule Rohrbach is involved in the Bee Project with an annual focus on Climate and Soil and the Little Wildlife – Insects are cool project. Kindergarten and other schools should be invited to cooperate. In the field of agriculture, joint actions are planned with beekeepers to promote flowering strips, hedges and arable land and to consider winter greening suitable for bees. The hunters are here. The "Enterprise" Working Group encourages the planting of green stripes and decaying areas in parking lots as well as green roofs. Shrubs and trees should be used for greening.

Next steps

A visit to the bee landscaping will be organized on Wednesday, November 13th. "A catalog of measures will then be compiled at the implementation workshop," Donner explains. "Every resident of the city is invited to participate and come up with ideas." As of now, information brochures with many suggestions on this topic are available at the municipal office.

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