Frankfurt with confidence but no fan to Liege 2

Frankfurt with confidence but no fan to Liege

Eintracht Frankfurt can take a big step towards a knockout round in Liège

Frankfurt's Eintracht experts are waiting for a real culture shock. After a completely separate football party in front of more than 50,000 people in the final 5-1 match against Bayern, it will be different this Thursday in Standard Liege.

There are no Frankfurt scarves, flags and songs, instead of an empty curve, where the visiting block usually has a good mood: The giant leap to the Europa League mid-round has to be made by Coach Adi Hütter's team due to a ban on guests without his supporters.

What's worse, Liège will become a city banned from Eintracht fans from Tuesday afternoon to Friday (12:00) due to the ban.

Eintracht CEO Axel Hellmann sees the ban as "legally highly questionable", advising his own fans about the lack of legal action in the short term but about traveling from Liege. "Anyone who visits the game or the city, however, runs the risk of being dumped and having to return home," Hellmann said.

The European Football Union has ruled out Eintracht fans in October for two international away games after rebelling in Guimarães again and throwing seats at home for fans, among other things.

Eintracht Frankfurt "with wide chest to Liege"

The ban on spectators meets not only many Eintracht fans who entertain the party, but also the Hütter team, who need extra points against a direct rival in Group F at Stade Maurice-Dufrasne.

"We're going to Liège with a big chest and we want to win there without a back-to-back fan and that would be a turning point because we would be safe," midfielder Sebastian Rode said. Coach Hütter clashes with rival Liège over "crucial play."

After 2-1 in the first match, winning from points would be extremely valuable, in defeat at least a direct comparison should be obtained. But Hütter doesn't think so. "If we can beat that, we will make a big step into the sixteenth finals," the Austrian confidently announced.

A well-played five-goal spectacle against an overworked record-breaking champion from Munich should give Eintracht the momentum it needs, so that a solidly targeted European Cup winter will succeed again.

Rode raves: "We've been developing more playfully"

"In the Europa League, chances are we are making good progress and we want to try to close the bag as early as possible," said winger Filip Kostic, who played brilliantly against FC Bayern with one goal and two assists.

A third win in the international series would be enough after a false start against Arsenal to plan for the next round.

There is a lot of euphoria in the Europa League. "We love European Cup matches," said goalkeeper Frederik Rönnow. The real decline in quality is not evident after the departure of Luka Jovic, Sébastien Haller and Ante Rebic, even the long-term injury of goalkeeper Kevin Trapp is not too negative so far.

"The quality of the team is almost even better than last year. Especially with the game, we have further developed," said midfielder Rode.