From this age you are too old for long hair 2

From this age you are too old for long hair

Many women are looking for a hairstyle that will make them look younger. But when is it too old, for example, for long hair? Is there a time when women need to exchange their long mane for a short haircut? British market researcher on the old-age provision Retire I just asked this question. The response helped 2,000 Britons whose information was used determine an age at which women are too old for long hair.

At what age is it too old for long hair?

The result; On average, 2,000 respondents (who are probably teenagers and therefore have no idea of ​​age and maturity – otherwise we can't explain otherwise) in this Women over 46 years they should not wear long hair anymore. And if you have gray hair, you should put it on as soon as possible!

Aha. You can accept it, but you shouldn't, We believe this study is utter nonsense, because age and hair length have almost nothing to do with each other. Of course, even with women, hair gets thinner after a certain age. And yes, women also suffer from hair loss. But this is different with every woman. Some women have fine hair all their lives and others are blessed with a full head until they die. As long as your hair is healthy and well taken care of, age doesn't matter! So even if you are over 46, that doesn't mean you have to cut your hair now. And even if your hair has become thinner now than it was 20 years ago, don't worry, because here we present you the best hairstyles for fine hair.

And what does the real hair professional say?

Does the short haircut that has been cut for over 46 years make us look even younger or maybe even bigger?