How to make a Swedish fish catch 2

How to make a Swedish fish catch

Impress your guests and start the party with cocktails that illuminate a popular sweet, Swedish fish. These chopped candies, with the mysterious fruity flavor that the company simply calls "red," have been around for decades and are a familiar sight in any candy store. You can reproduce the delicious taste of Swedish fish in a mixed shoot, better known as a shooter, with flavored liqueurs and fruit juices. It begins one level with an inflatable version of gelatin that incorporates Swedish pastry into the introduction.

How to make a Swedish fish catch 3

Credit: dilek senuguz bas / iStock / Getty Images True shots only contain alcohol, while shooters are mixed shots.

Swedish fish catch

Step 1

Put a handful of crushed ice in a cocktail shaker.

Step 2

Add a serving of sugar blueberry, a portion of vodka and a cranberry juice to the cocktail shaker. As an alternative, add a sweet and sour mixture instead of vodka if you prefer. Reduce the amount of cranberry juice if you want a stronger expression.

Step 3

Close the shaker with the lid and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds. Then pour it into a tall glass

Swedish fish gelatin

Step 1

Mix boiling water and gelatin mixture in a large mixing container using half of the water given in the instructions. Use cherry or raspberry gelatin or, if you prefer a less intense, gelatin.

Step 2

Mix the frozen raspberry salad and cranberry vodka or vodka gum, if you find it, equal to the amount of water you mix.

Step 3

Pour the mixture into separate glasses of paper or plastic. Allow to cool until the gelatin begins to warm.

Step 4

Place a Swedish fish in the middle of each gelatin and allow the tail to escape. Place the shots in the refrigerator to allow the gelatin to harden completely before feeding.