How to prevent my Lichens from being vague 2

How to prevent my Lichens from being vague

Lichen is a convenient way to keep your hair in check as you perform daily tasks. They can also be modified for official events to create a more glamorous look. If you have a formal look, frizzy, blurry creatures can undermine the effect. Fortunately, with a little technology and the right hair care products, you can blur your braids even in the hottest climates.

How to prevent my Lichens from being vague 3

Knitwear is versatile and takes you from a simple day to a glittering night.

Step 1

Start by taking care of your hair to keep it strong. Dry, damaged hair tends to split apart and appear fresh. Take vitamin supplements with vitamins B, C, biotin, inositol, folic acid and beta-carotene. Use deep hair masks for oil treatment. Chew the oil on your hair and lower it from the hair shaft to the ends of your hair. Leave for half an hour before washing with shampoo.

Step 2

Wash your hair according to texture. If your hair becomes greasy quickly, wash your hair once a day. If your hair is dry, do not wash it too often with shampoo. Use a mild shampoo suitable for elegant or baby hair. Also, look for shampooing agent with shampooing agents.

Step 3

Towel dry your hair. Then use an anti-frizz styling gel suitable for fine hair. Work the product with your fingers into your hair. Avoid applying to the roots or scalp because it makes your hair appear greasy.

Step 4

Connect your hair and start with the lower layers. Blow your hair in moderate heat away from the roots. Dry hair is always in the same direction as hair growth. By drying with drying in the opposite direction, the hair curls.

Step 5

Brush your hair with a brush to smooth out the shine. Cut your hair into sections and knit it as you would normally. To have shiny, shiny braids, you can knit your hair into a thick braid or split them into braids. These styles are casual and keep your hair out of your eyes. If you want a brighter updo, try a trendy side braid. Get a few pieces of hair out and let them skirt your face.

Step 6

After knitting, add the anti-bread serum to your hair. A good serum can be a thick gel applied on the palm and works in the knitwear with your fingers. Another method is to use a glossy spray such as. B. Citre Shine to spray your hair after styling.