How To Use Cold Potatoes For Weight Loss | 2

How To Use Cold Potatoes For Weight Loss |

They taste simple with butter or baked in detail: the potatoes are judged by their versatility. But are the tubers really fattening? And should it be eaten better with or without peel?

Is potatoes really that healthy?

"Potatoes are one of the most prized essential foods," says Daniela Krehl, Nutrition Specialist at the Bavaria Consumer Center. Due to their high lysine content, they are among the best sources of vegetable protein. With 200 grams of potatoes, it can already cover about 30 percent of your daily needs for potassium and vitamin C.

When cold, potatoes have another health benefit: They contain fiber, essential for the gut flora. They help the gut to remove micronutrients from food, transfer it to the bloodstream and reproduce important bacteria. Experts therefore advise eating potato salad sometimes instead of freshly cooked potatoes.

Cookbook author Matthias Mangold also regards potatoes as very healthy and light foods: "The water content is high and has great value in it."

Are your potatoes thicker?

Not the potatoes make you greasy, but the butter in which it is fried so heartily. Anyone who gently prepares cooked 100 grams of potatoes and low in fat only needs about 70 kilocalories. That's less calories than a comparable amount of rice, explains Dagmar von Cramm, an ecotrophologist and author of numerous cookbooks.

To prevent the nutrients from evaporating, the potatoes should be prepared gently. Von Cramm recommends baked potatoes with a bit of olive oil and rosemary or mashed butter. "They certainly aren't fattening."

Help potatoes lose weight?

To get the most out of your potatoes when losing weight, you should either chill it cold or heat it after cooling. Whoever eats cold potatoes consumes less calories. The reason for this is the starch contained in it, which in part becomes fiber (in this case resistant starch). Resistant starch is one of the indigestible carbohydrates, which is why potatoes have fewer calories. The same applies to pasta, rice and other starchy foods. Another benefit: Fiber makes you feel full longer.

What refined recipe ideas are there?

One of Mangold's favorite potato dishes is a very special salad: grilled potato salad. In addition, the cookbook author cooks hard-boiled potatoes and allows them to cool. He then slices them up and puts them with some fat on the grill – that gives it a special taste.

Lastly, grilled potato slices are mixed with vinegar, oil, mustard, some sugar, salt and pepper. Add herbs like thyme or parsley if needed.

Grilled potatoes with asparagus and sour cream: potatoes can be used to make a wide variety of dishes. (Source: imago images / Westend61)Grilled potatoes with asparagus and sour cream: potatoes can be used to make a wide variety of dishes. (Source: Westend61 / imago images)

Marcus Langer is the head chef at the star restaurant "Bean & Beluga" in Dresden – Quark-Rucola jacket potatoes are especially popular with his guests.

Another tip from a professional chef: warm foamy nuts. To do this, mix already cooked potatoes with milk, vegetables or poultry at 60 degrees in a food processor. If you don't have one, you can also warm it up and then refine it.

Peel or eat a bowl?

Unlike tomatoes or apples, the health value does not increase if you eat a bowl, says Daniela Krehl. "On the contrary: if you do not peel the potatoes, there is a risk of receiving increased amounts of solanine." This natural toxin of the plant is generated primarily directly under the shell and among the germs.

Normally – and also with special cultivation – barely contains solanine in potatoes. But especially when children, sick or elderly people eat, experts recommend the Consumer Center for peeling.

Peeling potatoes can be easier too

What tips and tricks are there for potatoes?

Potatoes get special flavors if you season them well – depending on the meal and the taste – right from the start. Marcus Langer recommends adding spices such as cumin or bay leaves to the cooking water.

Also, for example, baked and cooked potatoes should not be cooked for too long – otherwise they will fall apart later. "Lying too long in the water after peeling doesn't help the potatoes," Langer adds.

Which variety is suitable for what?

In general, Mangold recommends looking beyond the usual varieties: "Depending on the season, it's a good choice in the weekly market or at the farm shop."

In the first months of the year, for example, there are Bamboo croissants – they are small and sturdy, so they are good for fried potatoes. For potato pancakes, Chef Langer recommends flour-braising varieties like Bintje.

What are Triple Potatoes?

Triplets are not a specific potato variety. Instead, it is a collective name for very small potatoes of all kinds, whose diameter must be between 25 and 40 millimeters, writes the journal "Food and Drink for Every Day" (issue 06/2018). Because of this, small tubers are, among other things, the ideal salad cartridge: halved, have the right size and constant diameter, the cooking time can be calculated relatively accurately. For example, in a hot oven at 200 degrees, half a quarter is ready in about 25 to 30 minutes.