Lückes free throw solves the blockage 2

Lückes free throw solves the blockage

Annabell Drente (right) was Brinkum's top scorer. She gave up 14 points to her team’s second win of the season.

Annabell Drente (right) was Brinkum's top scorer. She gave up 14 points to her team’s second win of the season. (Brown skull)

It was almost desperate: FTSV basketball player Jahn Brinkum showed a great defensive performance in their Oberliga district against another TSV substitute, Lamstedt, but they wanted to fall on the offensive despite some successful barely combinations. But the hosts for head coach Mario Müller and assistant coach Jonas Klucken persisted – and were eventually rewarded for this virtue: with 44:36 (14:19) they secured their second win in the third game.

Müller made a pivotal moment in the game: When Franziska's difference was able to make free throws in the last quarter of the balance, "you could see in the face that faith was back and that the transition was over." Suddenly, Brinkumerinnen in the attack played with the confidence they had previously seemingly lost. "I think playing in Lesum was in our heads before that," Müller blamed a 36-85 defeat last week for a convincing start. Playfully, what Brinkumerinnen showed is not bad at all. "We have a lot of good situations, but they haven't turned into points," he described the drawback. On the other side of the field, the hosts were much stronger. They worked very concentrated on defense and let Lamstedt stay away, even though their own eight, six and eight point return in the first three quarters was extremely low.

At 22:27 before the last phase, it was still for FTSV, should he make the turnaround offensive. And succeeded Lückes Freiwurftreffer. Their only point during the game was especially valuable to the psyche. Brinkum combined a little more fluid, but now it has finished much more successfully. Coupon: The hosts get 22 points in the fourth quarter – as much as three quarters earlier together. And because FTSV kept defense intensity as high as it did before, it managed to reach the end in front of numerous spectators, "who provided a mood we don't normally find in this league," as Müller said, even with clear leadership, "It was a win for the whole team, ”the coach praised.

FTSV Jahn Brinkum: Dr. Bock (4 points), An. Bock (2), Drente (14/1 triples), Lohes (8), I (1), Riesenbeck, Rohlfs (12), Schulz (3), Weyd, Zimmer.