Perfect for Women 50+: Jennifer Aniston swears by this diet trick 2

Perfect for Women 50+: Jennifer Aniston swears by this diet trick

Whether it's hairstyle, style or attitude – Jennifer Aniston has inspired women around the world for years. Your fans always want to hear the secrets of their beautiful appearance and we have discovered their diet …

Last month, Jennifer Aniston made a downtime in her first Instagram post, falling in love with all of her "friends" stars. Since the 1990s, the debut of the comic series Aniston has titled details of its style and appearance. No wonder! At age 50, the actress looks simply great. In one of the interviews promoting her new series, Morning Show, she revealed one of herself Beauty Secrets, The style icon has announced that they have an incredible figure of an individual trend diet owed. That's what this is about interval postThat is, skipping a few hours a day during which, fortunately, we don't have to leave out the chocolate or count the boring calories.

There are a number of reasons why intermittent fasting is very popular with starsFirst, it avoids the well-known yo-yo effect, which often nullifies the painstaking results after your diet. On the other hand, the diet itself is more comfortable and gentle and not so marked by hunger and renunciation. As a special bonus, there are studies that point out that Intervall fast has a positive effect on blood pressure, insulin and stress levels and should have a lasting effect overall. All these factors make this gentle diet an absolute fitness trend that will bring you well for your health and, by the way, wear a dress that has been waiting for years. How the whole detail works will now be learned. 😉

Intervall post: This is how Jennifer Aniston's weight loss trick works

As the term “interval” already suggests, it means to refrain from eating for a certain period of time or to apply strict dietary rules only during this period. However, unlike other diets, interval fasting is designed for long-term consumption and does not fundamentally exclude individual food groups. The goal is to lose weight permanently. The duration of the break and the time of food intake will vary depending on the nature of the interval fattening. The following are the two most popular diet options:

Diet 5: 2

You can eat this form of interval fattening five days a week without any restrictions. A midnight snack or a delicious piece of chocolate cake is so out of the way. On other days, it is advisable to consume up to a quarter of the usual amount. We especially recommend Vegetables, whole grains and high protein foods. Fast days should also follow a steady rhythm to prevent permanent delays. The 5: 2 diet, with less stringent regulations, is especially suited to people who often abandon more rigorous methods and is designed for long-term use. You should also make sure you drink plenty of water in the days of fasting! 💩

Diet 16: 8

The "Friends" actress even follows Intervallfasts 16: 8. She fasts for 16 hours a day and eats normal, balanced food for the remaining 8 hours, Aniston refrains from breakfast and starts lunch. You can absolutely customize this time window to your personal preferences. Do you love a well balanced breakfast with delicious avocado toast? No problem! Then you just have to eat earlier in the evening. Dieting can be easily adapted to your lifestyle, so it doesn't matter if you eat from 10am to 6pm or go to dinner with friends late at night and then your first meal is lunch at 12pm. Breaks are important in which the body burns more fat.

Whatever form of intervalallfastens is the right one is completely up to you. In addition to the two variants shown here, there are others that differ in fasting and meal times. Just choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. However, as it is still a diet, there are some things that you should pay particular attention to. Although you do not need to be without carbohydrates or fats in the days or hours you are allowed to eat, a conscious diet helps to achieve better results. 😍

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