Philipp Morris: Towards a smoke-free future 2

Philipp Morris: Towards a smoke-free future

07.11.2019 – 14:45

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Hamburg (ots)

The Philip Morris tobacco company is at the center of a far-reaching transformation. A multimillion-dollar global campaign was launched at the end of the summer to warn the company to smoke: & # 39; Those who do not smoke should not start. Who smokes should quit. Whoever does not stop, let him change. & # 39; Markus Essing, CEO of Philip Morris GmbH since January 2018 (major brands: Marlboro, L&M, Chesterfield, Iqos, Heets) at the headquarters in Gräfelfing, near Munich. "We have been following a drastic strategy for several years now: we want a smoke-free future – without any extravagance – and have committed ourselves to a fundamental transformation – this is an offensive debate. Under the slogan 'I must not' we want a fact-based dialogue on smoking behavior."

The aim was "to establish a constructive dialogue with all stakeholders on smoking behavior to accelerate change for smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke." Smokers should have access to alternative product information so they can make an informed decision. "It's not really helpful that the debate about smoking in this country is very emotional and not always conducted in the most up-to-date," Essing said. It advocates clear and unambiguous risk communication for non-smoking smokers. This requires a system of classification and risk assessment by independent bodies.

"We want to stop selling cigarettes as soon as possible and replace them with better alternatives to smokers," explains the CEO, who began his career with the group in 1993 as a sales intern. The change in the product portfolio is just the tip of the iceberg. "We are evolving from a tobacco company to a company where science, technology and innovation are game changers."

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