Process of circular sounds 2

Process of circular sounds

Opening Session of "Like a Movie in My Mind", Youth in Action Program in Srebrenica, Bosnia. Circular sounds were used to gather delegates from different countries and generations at the beginning of a four-day study of culture and democracy.

Circular sounds is a creative process that helps people, groups and organizations expand their potential in problem solving and creative thinking by using the power of symbols to access different parts of the brain. Circular sounds are created to help you understand who you are and how you fit in, and can be applied to many different situations and settings. As comfortable in the corporate world of team building and task management as in the private world of self-development and therapy, circular sounds are used in classrooms, boardrooms, playgrounds, youth centers, theaters and clinics; during brainstorming sessions, rehearsals for operas, arts classes, workshops and democracy days; and with individuals, couples, business partners, children, corporate teams and special needs. It is practiced in places other than Australia, India, Israel, Tanzania, Bosnia and the UK and is distributed to new destinations every day.

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