Rain: Telemedicine as a great opportunity - idowa 2

Rain: Telemedicine as a great opportunity – idowa

For example, the Social Workers Group met 21 times. But mental health, the task force and palliative care, the WG task force and the safety of drug therapy all come together regularly.

"The associated steering group has met a total of 16 times," Walter said, referring to numerous projects. Lectures on health issues have been well received in the population and training for medical staff and Nursing and Support Week are well attended.

One was pleasantly surprised at the start of the physician consultation. Under the motto "Institution has a future", young doctors should prepare to work as family doctors. She hoped that three or four participants, who now have a dozen doctors with him, were a "positive sign."

But the focus of the meeting was not just review. The focal points of future work were also discussed. Here the participants could make their suggestions. First of all, many pointed out that successful projects should continue. The Director-General was also requested to present examples of best practice from the other 49 Bavarian health regions. There was also talk of "landing nursing beds at Arberland hospitals."

Their board member, Christian Schmitz, explained that clinics certainly recognized the need. It is increasingly difficult for patients who no longer need to be cared for in a nursing home. This issue will be discussed at the next board meeting. But Schmitz also noted that the issue of cost is still unclear.

District Councilwoman Rita Röhrl reported on the Bavarian Landrats Conference. There, they also intensively tackled the topic of telemedicine.

The first experiences are very positive. "It's surprising that many people don't care if the doctor is sitting right in front of them or the doctor is pinned to a monitor," she noted, adding that it is far more important for a patient to have well-qualified medical professionals address their illness and "really help them." These experiences could be an important basis for discussion in the region. In the opinion of the County Councilor, everyone present was joined and the Director General was entrusted with the planning of the information event. After that, members want to continue addressing the issue.

Another topic was the training offered to nurses. The aim here is to try to determine the need in the region. Then you can prepare the right deals, Walter is convinced.

In addition, attendees advocated that you want to help caregivers. Training opportunities should be better promoted here, so that anyone who helps a relative also has the opportunity to prepare for the activity.

In conclusion, District Councilwoman Rita Röhrl said they were "on the right track." She thanked everyone for their dedication and wished the next five years to be a health region plus the enrichment of Regen County.

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