Shock for Customers: The cult confectioner wants to hand over his shop 2

Shock for Customers: The cult confectioner wants to hand over his shop

This will shock many fine cake friends and quirky cupcakes: Pushheim cult confectioner Martin Schönleben wants to quit. She seeks a successor for her charity shop – if possible, a bakery again. Chances are probably not bad.

– For Martin Schoenleben, this is not an easy step. He had already taken the trade from his father's hands, and this one from his father. In the meantime, for three generations, since 1931, bakers have been a tradition of a beautiful life. The store at Lagerstraße is still domestic. And with great success.

The Schoenleben confectioner creates delicacies suitable for the occasion

Today, the name from Puchheim and the surrounding area is hard to imagine. On Sundays, customers are in line to the parking lot. And the master baker deals far from his work in city life, for example, creating delicacies suitable for reading books. But Martin Schönleben is determined: "My wife and I have now reached a certain age. We need to think about our health." Schoenleben is 57, his wife behind the counter is 60. "We want to plan ahead and not be surprised that we need to stop, "the confectioner explains. A successor is recently searched.

Schönleben's children are out of the question. The son turned his back on the bakery profession. He lives and works as a marketing manager in Hamburg. "Very successful," says the proud father. He doesn't want to give it up. Schoenleben understands this. The daughter decorates herself as a makeup artist, not as a cake.

Schönleben confectioner and book "Heimat"

Schoenleben is known for that, with pleasure and for shooting. That's just part of it for him. The Chief Baker knows how important unique outlets are. He is very creative. In 2018, he designed small kitchens with a party logo. Schoenleben also baked for Bayerischer Rundfunk and selected old recipes for his book Heimat. There is something baked for every holiday, including history.

Having worked diligently for the industry and created unique selling points, Schoenleben enjoys a good reputation at Kreishandwerkerschaft. "He attaches great importance to tradition," says Franz Höfelsauer, a master baker himself and active on the board. And then there's probably the biggest compliment: "I'd take over the store right away if I wasn't already too old."

Confectioner Schönleben buys a gold mine

The bakery is almost a gold mine. The only one in Puchheim also has a bakery on site. Traffic responds. The size was also manageable, so the transfer fee or financial risk was limited. "Customers are already there, but of course they should be served." Say: The Schoenleben name is a huge opportunity for any new head baker – but he has to maintain the quality. And know that diligence alone can lead to success.

The guidelines support the confectioner Schönleben

Höfelsauer and the Guild support Puchheim confectioner in search and business transfer. They would advise the successor accordingly. "We definitely want to fill the gap again," explains Höfelsauer. But: "First of all, you have to find someone." Currently, this is mainly done through public announcements, but also from the Internet and Facebook. A young master or a young master, preferably a married couple, would be nice. It's just too early for the timetable.

For Martin Schoenleben, however, the search is still not over. He wants to keep writing books, he's finished some, he says. "But I need to find a publisher for that." And that is quite difficult.


you can contact Martin Schoenleben on (089) 80 16 56.

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