Smoking In The Winter: Does Sports Stop Smoking? 2

Smoking In The Winter: Does Sports Stop Smoking?

As part of November's smoke-free month, hopeful non-smokers are often encouraged to play sports at the same time. But does it really help improve the chances of success on the road to smoking without smoking? Scientists answer the question.

It's a magazine recently Cochrane published a study examining whether pursuing a workout program in parallel with smoking cessation increases the chances of you becoming a non-smoker again. Because we all know that smoking not only harms your health, it is also bad for your muscles and often prevents you from achieving a great level of sport.

A month without smoking

Like every year, many smokers use November to face the challenge of the "non-smoking month." In our neighboring country, France, the Ministry of Health, Health Insurance and the French Health Authority are organizing this initiative. Even in Germany, a smoky third of the population smokes, and most smokers try again and again (mostly unsuccessfully) to get rid of the stink.

To get rid of nicotine and at the same time avoid weight gain, which sometimes comes with getting out of the blue haze, it is often recommended to do more sports. But 24 studies with a total of 7,279 participants show that this is absolutely irrelevant.

Smoking and sports

"There is no indication that physical activity for six months or more increases the chances of smoking cessation, regardless of sport. (…) We could not find any evidence that physical activity. .

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Although these results are clear, they should be treated with caution. Researchers also point out that the chances of a successful cessation increase when you surround yourself with non-smokers and generally lead a healthier lifestyle, and again, there is no chance of regular sports here. In other words, playing sports does not guarantee that you will actually get rid of smoking, but even physical activity will not harm you.