SWR3 loose and away Thailand - Join in and say thanks! | SWR3 2

SWR3 loose and away Thailand – Join in and say thanks! | SWR3

That's how you win!

Want to say thank you for 2019? This year was your year and just thanks to a certain person? Send him on his dream trip to Thailand! Tell us exactly why your best friend, father, daughter, colleague, or your neighbor earned this trip.

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Starting November 11, every day at the SWR3-Morningshow we announce the winner – and the person you want to give the trip to will be invited to the show. Please read the terms and conditions before participating.

The journey has been going on since March 25, 2020 to April 8, 2020 instead of that.

It's so beautiful Thailand

Thailand – Feast for the senses

Whoever was in Thailand is likely to come to Thailand for the second time. No wonder – Thailand is a feast for the senses. Over and over again.

It all starts with a rich breakfast buffet at the hotel, which is naturally in the fresh air. There is a gentle but decisive wave noise in the background. The perfect start to get away from everything and recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries.

Charge your batteries with massages and coconut

Gallery-SWR3-LCSPK; Photo by SWR3 / Patrick Schütz
SWR3 / Patrick Schütz

The first big highlight is the spa for classic, Thai herbal massage. It contains various ingredients. For example, tamarind, fresh ginger and lemongrass. They mix in a hot cloth and cook like tea. It simply massages stress and worries from the muscles of the winner.

A whole new level of relaxation in a beautiful setting. As such a massage should never be stopped, all necessary information will be forwarded directly to the workshop so that the massage can be repeated at home.

Pure relaxation at the luxury spa

After massaging all the stress and everyday life from home, you want to keep that feeling for as long as possible. There is no problem in Thailand. Simply lie on the beach and drink refreshing, cool coconut. Sounds like a Hollywood movie? It is in Thailand, but the most normal in the world.

Gallery-SWR3-LCSPK; Photo by SWR3 / Patrick Schütz
SWR3 / Patrick Schütz
Gallery-SWR3-LCSPK; Photo by SWR3 / Patrick Schütz
SWR3 / Patrick Schütz

You become the ultimate chef in Thai cuisine

With a full battery in your luggage, it's time to activate yourself. With SWR3, our winners will also get the best Thai food they've ever tasted – cooked by themselves.On an hour of cooking, Chef Prai teaches the secrets of traditional Thai cooking and shows that it's still green, yellow or even red curry .

In addition, she explains the biggest mistakes of Thai cuisine, which probably everyone has already made. After the winners have already learned the art of massage, they are still qualified to be top chefs. What can you bring with you from your holiday nicer souvenirs?

If you don't just want to cook or mix your loved ones at home, you can also buy souvenirs in one of the many markets. For example at Bang Niang Market in Takua Pa, It's pretty much everything from T-shirts to coconut fairy lights, and going to one of the many bars or snacks is a great way to pause.

So make a real Thai yellow curry at home

Emigrating to Thailand

For Alexandra and Carsten, Thailand is more than just a vacation. The two come from SWR3Land and emigrated to Thailand several years ago. She is originally from Sersheim and has lived in Freiburg for eight years. Why the two just emigrated to Thailand is told in the video. Of course, they also give you tips for your first moments in Thailand and what you should not do at all The land of smiles.

Hollywood Feeling in Thailand

Gallery-SWR3-LCSPK; Photo by SWR3 / Patrick Schütz
SWR3 / Patrick Schütz

Not only on land, there is much to be discovered and tried, but also on water. On one of the classic cruise ships our winners travel to one of the most famous places in Thailand: Khao Phing Kan – Leasing Rock.

Most people know the rock, which seems to be upside down, not rock James Bond Rock, In the Hollywood cult classic 007 – The man with the golden stake this rock is the secret seat of the villain Scaramanga, Within a forty minute boat ride to the famous shooting location, you can admire the numerous iconic rocks that can be seen in only a few places in the world.

You are never tired of Thailand

All the impressions our winners will receive on the trip will certainly be long lasting, and one or the other will soon ask the following question: When will I return to Thailand?

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